survival horror games

  1. RenOperative

    Gaming Looking for folks versed in variety gaming/survival horror content (Podcast Content Creators)

    Not much to this collab. Just looking for someone versed in the knowledge of variety gaming or survival horror content that can talk about it in a discussion/podcast style format. We also do variety content as well like let's plays, reactions, movie discussions, anime, comics, etc. Those are...
  2. AMX Gaming

    What If Ghosts Were Real? | A Girls Fabric Face (Indie Horror)

    What If Ghosts Were Real? | A Girls Fabric Face A brutal murder has taken place in an old home located in SattleWen. Three girls have been brutally murdered in the home, and police call it “The most violent crime to ever happen in this city”. Young Anna, aged 16 is intrigued by what has...
  3. Frictional Weekly

    Gaming Survival Horror Game Theory &/or Discuss Collab (Around 500-5000 Subs)

    My Youtube channel is dedicated to survival horror games like Silent Hill, Amnesia - The Dark Descent and so on. You need to be 18+ and you need to have an understandable voice and/or accent. My idea collab right now is for you to narrate one paragraph of my script and then I narrate one...