Gaming Survival Horror Game Theory &/or Discuss Collab (Around 500-5000 Subs)

Frictional Weekly

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My Youtube channel is dedicated to survival horror games like Silent Hill, Amnesia - The Dark Descent and so on.

You need to be 18+ and you need to have an understandable voice and/or accent. My idea collab right now is for you to narrate one paragraph of my script and then I narrate one paragraph. It would be an awesome video with a professional feel. Keep in mind: No one has EVER collaborated on my channel and I've also worked individually since I created it 3 years ago. The ideas, scripts, gameplay footage, voice and edited videos are all by me. So perhaps you can even contribute to helping me actually make the video as well and show your techniques to make me a better video maker, but that's your choice and you'll obviously get more credit for that. I feel like my channel is slowing down and it frightens me and I hope I can find somebody with similar interests who will decide to collaborate with me! :)
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I know that I don't have 500 subs. But in all honesty, it would be something that I would be happy to help out with. I've recently got a new microphone of a Blue Yeti and works like wonders, I know how to edit if that is what you need I am also doing some narration for my own college project at the moment. Mine is focused on gaming but throughout the the year I will be developing some short documentaries and filming some conventions as well. If you still don't want to collab since I don't have 500 then I am totally cool with that.

Hm, sure! A collab isn't just about views and subs for me. It's the helpful and fun aspects too that I like. Just message me on Youtube sometime so I get notified and so you get to me easily. :)