Hello broh...
I really need a lot of advice from you...

I joined youtube 5 Months ago and uploading my videos... but i don't think it went well... i only hit 56 subs, and look like it stuck...
please don't consider me as complaining.. because actualy deep down in my heart i feel really glad for those subscriber who waiting for my videos...:giggle: i just wanna know how youtube really works?

and yeah FYI, i live in a country that not speak english... and a lot of people in my country doesn't understand english... was that could be the problems?? location alogithm?
i do gaming on my channel.. i mean most of it all about gameplay... but i acknowledge it that my english grammar are crap...

i don't really know was my SEO are too bad?
or maybe, my branding can't engaged the audiance?
or maybe, something else??

so please broh, if you have some advice for my channel it will helps me a lot... i really appreciate that..
thank you very much... i am glad that i found this forum and i can talk with you broh.....
again, thank you so much...

cheers, :bounce:
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I guess it's more that the market is oversaturated.
You're making gaming videos but so are tens of thousands of other people. So unless you do something very trending or go viral, it's just going to be a hard climb.
You say bro too much
I agree with Bob you do say bro a little to much. You seem a bit nervous, when I was trying to do a gaming channel I was pretty much the same way. My suggestion to you would be to calm down and just act like you are having a conversation with your webcam. If you can overcome that hurdle, I think you will find your content will improve and you will see a rise in subscribers. Keep up the good work man.
Dude definitely do not worry about your subscriber count and I know this is probably gonna be the most cliche thing ill ever say but as long as you are enjoying doing it then it shouldn't matter to much i'm 150 videos in and only have 8 subscribers so as long as you enjoy it your already a massive youtuber
Don't worry. Build your channel step by step. Everything will be good. Because many people are on YouTube, be more persistent and keep going. And wait better times. February is not that month :)
Youtube today is a big thing, standing out is ofcourse a big challenge. But just as long as you keep enjoying, keep the motivation to keep going people will recognize that eventually. Be yourself, keep networking with people that have the same passion and you'll make it in the end. Keep improving!