I Need Your Feedback


Hey guys and girls, so I've committed to making Youtube videos for 365 videos. I'm on episode 85 at the moment. I need your help to provide me with some raw feedback. I come from a business background, started my first company at 12 and scaled from there into different industries and markets. I've been fortunate to garner success at a young age and home some time on my hands.

I'm 26 this year and wanted to do something new and learn a skill set that I haven't conquered.

You guessed it....video. I have some time on my hands and want to really make some quality vlogs and videos, but I need to hear from you whether I'm missing the pot entirely, whether it's feasible to continue(I'm going to continue no matter what), whether I suck, need to get a tan, need to do some more stuff etc.

Would really appreciate your feedback. If you can pull it apart for me, give me some harsh feedback, that would be awesome. I appreciate criticism given straight.

In my opinion: I'm not personal enough, I tend to lecture because of my background, and need to engage with the audience more. Paint a picture and not just inform.

My channel is https://youtube.com/jacquesvhtv

I've embedded a video for you below.

Looking forward to your thoughts!!!

— Jvh
I would definitely have more energy in the intro. It felt... cold.You seem to look away from the camera too much. A little more "Eye contact" will help you be more personal. I'd also look into getting some form of stabilising hand help tripod. I liked the window bit near 3:20ish. Little things like that can bring character. That being said make sure you don't over do it. Also look into rule of thirds. It can help scenes look visually pleasing to the eye and make things more seemless, especially with these types of vlogs that focus on landscape and scenery. Hopefully that is helpful info.
Firstly, you're camera work is amazing. I absolutely love the landscape shots you're taking and the cut scenes your adding into the clip to give us an idea of your story prior to you starting you're vlog. Love, love, love! Keep this up!

However, I don't personally feel like I can relate to your videos. Possibly if I were your family member, I'd be more apt to watch you head to meetings with friends or outings with your family. It's like you're telling me a joke and then saying, "You really had to be there to get it. But it's hilarious!" I'm not sure if I'm getting my point across.

It appears that you get a lot of traveling in. I would start with pieces that showcase things people can generally relate to. Your visiting a friend in NY? Awesome. Show me the city. Show me the highlights, but don't make your mate the highlight - because for me as a viewer just learning about you, I can't relate to that.

At the end of the day, the videos should entertain yourself. If you find enjoyment in what you're doing now; that's great! Keep it up! But this is my opinion, as requested. Good luck! ^_-
Hey there @Jacquesvh Your landscape shoots look very nice, they look sharp and the color is great!
I would have to agree with @Cristy Ella with the introduction which was not very welcoming it is something I have to work on as well.

Another thing I would thing about if I were you is to blend the shoots better and by that I mean showing more landscape and use a few shots between scenery.

Nobody wants to see you getting in the airplane and getting out.
People want to see nice places before the airport, then in 10 sec or less you show yourself getting in, then talk for a minute in the airplane or maybe do a timelapse, then 10 seconds to get out and then show the landscape from the place you just arrived and talk about something interesting that happened on board.
This is just an example, I hope you got was I was trying to say.

If anyone could give me some feedback one my latest on would be great as well :D