New Filming Location + Possible new channel series???

Juliana Sabo

Active Member
Hello! I've made a couple more changes to my channel, and would really appreciate some feedback.

First of all, I've started filming on my bed. I think the background is better? But I would love to hear from you guys.

Additionally, my two latest videos are "Drunk Teaching" and "Drunk Review". I'm wondering if you guys like those videos and think I should continue them as series? Obviously not something I do every week, but maybe a recurring thing with my channel?

And if you have any additional advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

hey there juliana! nice to meet ya! Your bedroom looks neat, clean and nice! A great background for your video indeed. I also prefer the ned as the background rather than you on the floor. Great decision!

I think the "drunk video" series could go on! I sincerely think those kinds of videos are funny! And if you enjoy doing them and see that your viewers enjoy watching it, then I don't see why not!

I hope I helped! :'D Hope you're having a good day wherever you are!
P.S. You're realy pretty! Hope we can be friends <3