Loving YTtalk
I would love some honest feedback on my overall channel.

Such things as :

-Channel Art
-Video Content
-Channel Trailer review?
-Overall audio / video quality

I just moved my mic around today for the livestream I did. I found positioning your mic higher makes the sound quality better. So my future videos will definitely have better voice quality.

Again, any feedback is very appreciated. I want to improve!

I like it. The thumbnails are a bit too moody and dark for my taste but they seem quite decent. Good titles, great artwork and avatar. Trailer is good although it isn't animated because your artwork is so good it acts as a podcast rather than a video. I'd just like to say that I think the videos are bit too long. Maybe shorten them?
The thumbnails ok. I think you have the potential to create amazing thumbnails tho. Focus on the one or two main elements of the scene you want in the thumbnail, instead of a large game scene, that doesn't tell you quickly what the video is about. Think about when people are browsing. They will mainly look at the thumbs first. If the message is not clear right away, they will skip right through yours.

You may know where to look in the picture, but the viewer may. You need to guide their focus on purpose.

I think you will do great! Good luck!
Yeah I agree with the thumbnails, they don't stick out enough and aren't drawn to them like others. Maybe spend a bit of time looking at other gamers thumbnails and see what theyre doing and get some inspiration for your own [emoji4]