Looking for some feedback on my channel!


Jan 3, 2018
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Greetings everybody!

I have a channel called Antimonous and it's all about science, education, and technology. I upload two videos every week (Saturday and Sunday because I don't have time on the weekdays) and am looking for some feedback on my channel, and how I could improve.

Here are a few things I'd like you to consider:

1) Channel Branding (Banner, Thumbnails etc.)
2) Quality of videos (Is the editing good, is it clear etc.)
3) Why are my videos getting a low amount of views? (I know one got 10,000 but the rest get around 20)
4) Would YOU watch my videos?

Thanks in advance!


YTtalk Mad
Mar 2, 2014
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I think the branding is fine, overall a nice clean look. And the videos seem fine to. Just one problem and a more minor problem. One your tags are likely bad. Just watching your China made a star video how would I find it? Assuming I never knew about this before hand I would be searching YouTube for general science stuff, or maybe something related to stars, maybe I'm looking for space news. So your tags pertaining to China wouldn't help. And I'm not sure how many people are looking for videos on nuclear fusion reactors but I'm not one of them. I'd probably be more likely to look up a video on China than a fusion reactor. You just aren't casting your net in the right direction. Your tag only works for people already looking for that video, and for us people who don't follow the latest discovers we make more general or broader searches like "space news" or "black holes explained" not "China creates an artificial sun"

Also the more minor problem is the lack of audio. I'm a person who likes to listen to something in the background, having to stop and watch a video or read something requires more time on my part. It might be a bit harder to build an audience with text based videos. And to answer your last question I probably would watch your videos. I enjoy the topics your going over and the videos I just don't always want to sit down and read them.[DOUBLEPOST=1515876158,1515874805][/DOUBLEPOST]I don't like to long posts repeating the same thing but I just thought of this so hopefully it might help haha. Let's break down your audience and potential viewers. You have

Level 1- people interested in your videos
Level 2- people interested in the general field i.e science, gaming etc
Level 3- people who have an idea of what they want to find i.e destiny 2 news and rants, interesting facts about the sun, what's going on in Africa
Level 4- people who know what's going on and want to find a video on it.

Unless something is plastered all over the news, they have friends in that community, or they actively follow that field most people aren't in that level 4 same as me. Most of us are in that level 3. I might not know black holes just formed in another galaxy but I'm still interested in videos about space. Or maybe I'm just looking for black hole videos, maybe your lucky and people are looking for "new black holes" but you wouldn't catch me looking up "galaxy x20y7 new black hole" That's kind of how you want to think about tags. If you only include very specific tags you exclude all the people who don't even know what your talking about happened.