How have you decided to customize your channel?


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What's your icon and banner like? Have you had them for a long time, or do you change them regularly? Did you make or edit them yourself, or did you commission them or the like? How important do you think they really are?

Have you set up a trailer? Did you make a new, specific video for it or just put a regular video that you thought would work in the role? Do you often change the trailer?

And what sort of content do you put in the custom boxes? Do you have any particular playlists that you put in the spotlight? What social media do you have connected to your YouTube profile?
I tend to put my channel art for a long time but channel icon I change regularly. I created all of that by myself using photoshop & lightroom. They are less important than the content itself but still essential because in the first 10 seconds viewers looking at your channel, they will know what your channel is about and decide to sub or not.

For the trailer, I am still working on it but I tend to change it every 3 months, just to update with the trends and refresh the contents. Or else when subscribers come back they will just feel boring. Thus, additional trailers means additional views so why not eh?
I changed mine when I started to do vlogs/short films and I'm really happy about it. Made it by myself, there was nothing really complex about it. I think that channel art is really important, I just don't really like when there's a banner with 10,000 small photos in it, etc.
and for the trailer.. I'm changing it all the time :D now keeping it on my most serious video
My icon and banner are just my channel name and my nickname lol. I made them myself and had them since I started. They look terrible and unprofessional, but oh well. I don't know how important they are, but it does make my channel look a bit neater and that might attract more people.

I have yet to make a trailer video and I should probably get around to that, but I'm just to lazy to do it.
Oh my... well first of all; no, I haven't been changing my channel art and such. Actually I've recently finished my current one (but it needs improvements sadly). And as you've probably figured out I'm making my own banner mainly because of its personal value. According to me a really good banner are a top priority! That's the first thing most new and old subscribers see when they visit your channel. So yes, it's important to have a good "welcoming mat", so to speak.

I can't say much for the trailer one since that's not existing on my channel. So far. But I will change it some day! It's not as important as the channel art to me.

As for my "boxes" I'm using my largest playlist at the moment. So far I only have two playlists so there's bot much to choose from ehe... People who watches my videos will see that the video belongs to my largest playlist and hopefully they continue to qatch the other videos I've made ~

My social media list is very short at the moment.... if you mean thw links I have in my "about" box I've only used my Hypixel-account-link-thing and my twitter ^^
I change the banner once a month to coincide with that months big video. I also change the logo to be a parody of that video topic. I also use the logo as a bug in video
My icon is a picture of myself on a bright background that stands out. Banner is bright and features my channel logo along with value my proposition/slogan. I honestly think that it’s incredibly important to have decent looking channel art because in my opinion looking good gives you perceived credibility. That doesn’t mean that you need to get someone else to make your art for you, but if you do it yourself just know that it may take more time. I made some pretty good stuff using Canva, which is an online design platform, so definitely check that out.

My trailer is about a minute and a half long and introduces myself to the viewers, then states the value that my channel offers and pushes the value statement. I honestly put a lot of time into it and although it’s by no means great I think it does a good job getting my target audience to stick around on my channel.

As a travel channel, I have playlists to divide the different destinations that I’ve visited, as well as some to separate vlogging and adventure videos from tips and advice ones. I also have a playlist that features a few videos that I think best exemplify my channel, and I usually try to direct my audience to this playlist so that I can make a strong first impression on new viewers.
I'm still trying to find my look. I'm going for a combination of cute & dark cuz I really like it. I'm still looking for something I like, when I find it it will stay like that for a long time hehe, the profile picture can change frequently for me, since I color my hair a lot. :happy: