I've Got It
Hello guys and gals, I've been on this website for about a month and a little longer now and on YouTube for more than 3 years (but this is my new channel).

I wanted to start fresh with new branding an a whole new look. I want you guys to take just a quick look at my thumbnails, channel banner, and descriptions for videos. Does it look like something people would be interested in? Do the thumbnails look eyecatching?

Thank you for your time!
Your thumbnails are awfully messy, too much going on at one time - too much color and so forth. try to clean it up while still making it stand out. Audio quality is not too bad, the intro is rather annoying having to hear that every single video and waiting 6 seconds for it to over. Maybe have it for the beginning of your series and not do it for the rest? Like maybe Part One only. Commentary can use a bit more work, it has a bit of mono-tone ness to it.
Hello friend! I watched a bit of your latest video and it wasn't so bad. I agree with Sayan that maybe hearing to that intro on every video can be a bit annoying ( I'm not a great fan of animated intro, preferring something a bit more in flesh and bones) and that can be damaging, especially for a smaller channel. Video and audio quality were good and even, but maybe yeah your thumbnails are too cluttered (try to keep only the strictly necessary).
I think that you can work a bit more on the SEO, so title tags and description, by checking the most relevant keywords with the youtube search bar or with Google Keyword Planner.