1. Ivory Cherry

    can someone critique my banner and thumbnails?

    I would love some insight on whether an outsider thinks my thumbnails and channel art are okay. I will do the same for anyone that wants feedback as well!
  2. RetroCrunch

    Main Channel Page Review request

    My channel is a Nostalgia channel where i do weekly retro news and talk about nostalgia topics I enjoy each week. Ive made some changes to my main channel page recently and looking for some input on a few things: Does my channel clarify my mission? Ie. do you know what my channel is a about...
  3. AranoixErik

    Music "The Music Critique" Calling all musician!

    ***CALLING ALL MUSICAL ARTISTS! CALLING ALL MUSICAL ARTISTS!*** If you wish for someone to give you feedback on your music, recordings, interpretations, covers, etc., Do i have some news for you! I intend on creating a new Series on my channel named "The Music Critique with Erik V. Navarro"...
  4. YonderYon

    Branding/Channel Design Critique Wanted

    I'm looking to have the overall look of my channel looked at by someone that has 0% biased. My friends are... well my friends. I always get "that looks good" or "that's cool", not "oh I like the bit where you did this/ I'm not a huge fan of that." I just want someone more experienced than I am...
  5. ItsNotAiyla

    ROAST ME!!

    Just kidding about the roasting thing. I prefer pan fried. I am a little wee baby youtuber looking for some constructive criticism. Currently I have just been posting storytime videos about my life and backpacking the world. I try and keep them comedic. I genuinely enjoy the content I make and...
  6. unevenflaps

    Channel critique

    Hey there guys, I currently have a gaming YouTube channel where i upload funny moments videos. I appreciate that my channel isn't exactly a rare channel type but any critique is appreciated although i'll likely change the banner so not so much on that. Thank you all for reading this and feel...
  7. McShockz O

    What am I doing wrong?

    I have been doing for almost 5 years now, and I know that sounds like a long time, and very little success when you look at my channel. However, I started when I was 13 and seeing as I'm 18 now, I've grown a lot as a person and a creator. What I really need help deciding is where should I go...
  8. TeddieCakes

    First time editing in this style, need advice on interest retention and editing style [Gameplay]

    Video Link: Channel: TeddieCakes Title: FIRST D.VA TEAM KILL! | Gremlin D.VA teaches us how to "Git Gud" Hello, I am a complete beginner when it comes to editing and I just recently created a new video that is completely different and new in style to me. I wanted to know if this editing style...
  9. Ernie Jo

    Critique my web series trailer :)

    Hey guys! So I'm currently working on Season 2 of a web series I'm doing, and I just released a Teaser Trailer for it. We named the series Grilling a Murderer off of Making a Murderer from Netflix (we started it last year when that had just come out), and we also follow the Netflix format as...
  10. T

    Need critiquing/opinions on my Youtube banner.

    Edit: Thanks for the help everyone :) Got some opinions and some feedback!
  11. UnicycleFight

    Trying to take it to the next level!

    I feel like my video content has improved quite a bit since I started uploading but I know there is always room to improve! I'd also say my thumbnail/tagging game is getting pretty strong. If this were your video and you would have done something differently to make it more entertaining or...
  12. E

    Constructive Criticism

    Hey everyone just looking for some constructive criticism on how my editing skills are so far?? I know my first video was kinda ehhhh but I hope I've gotten better since then hopefully some more experienced editors or just people with a more creative eye can give me some critiques on how I'm...
  13. T

    I don't have a genuine audience to critique me sooo...

    I only have two subscribers and I'm afraid my friend doesn't want to hurt my feelings, but I need some (constructive) criticism, so if you don't have anything to do or are just bored, your criticisms are welcome. I'm looking on getting an intro soon, and working on getting an actual profile...
  14. DiscoSlayer

    Looking for feedback to improve my videos. :D

    Hey, I'm a new channel with only 4 subscribers and looking to grow further as time goes on. I uploaded this youtube video () and was thinking of basing my channels on videos such as that one. So can you please give me advice on how to improve my viewership and how to improve the video I linked...
  15. Danny G

    Tips on How to Show Your Personality on Video!?

    Hi everyone. I started a youtube channel recently and I am having trouble just being myself and showing my personality on camera. I thought that Youtube would come naturally to me because I would say I'm pretty charismatic in real life, but as soon as the camera turns on and I try to film myself...
  16. Kemono

    Roasting P$RN intros part 2!

    Happy Halloween Guys! Please enjoy this video were i watch the intro to p@rn videos and roast the heck out of them! Hope you get a laugh! Stay safe out there!
  17. sabrinafabulous

    My latest video...

    First of, I just have to say...This game is lit af. You've got the perfect mix of genres: survival, mystery, story rich narrative and a little horror element. Check out my gameplay video I did to see what I'm talking about! If you liked it make sure to leave a like and if you REALLY liked it go...
  18. Eric Bieller

    We made a 1000 subscriber celebration video! Is it funny?

    We just hit 1000 subs! To celebrate, we put together a short celebration video. I'd love to know what you think about it. Is it funny? Would it intrigue you to learn more about us and click through to our channel? We're also considering making the our channel trailer, but we're not sure if it...
  19. Ebliar-Nevo

    Feedback on my latest video

    I am fairly new to Sony Vegas and I am always looking for small ways that I can improve. Here is the video:
  20. TheSGGamingChannel

    Any Ideas For Growing My Channel?

    I feel like I'm doing much better than most channels dedicated to gaming (people who are small gamers that is). But I'd really like to know what do you think I could do to help build my audience (audience retention + audience building = success). Any ideas as to what I could do? Any helpful...
  21. Trespit

    Channel Critique

    if i could get some feedback on my thumbnails, titles, and art that would be great...i feel like it is lacking something. Thanks in advance :)
  22. A

    first video - animation comedy

    This is my first attempt, kind of an experiment, at producing this kind of youtube video. The concept is kind of a spoof vlog. I would appreciate any type of thoughts you might have. More specifically do you think the comedy works? And, is this type of limited animation watchable or is it too...
  23. TheSGGamingChannel

    Overall Channel Critique?

    Hello guys and gals, I've been on this website for about a month and a little longer now and on YouTube for more than 3 years (but this is my new channel). I wanted to start fresh with new branding an a whole new look. I want you guys to take just a quick look at my thumbnails, channel banner...
  24. Elissa Jordan

    Friendly Feedback Requested :)

    Hi there! My name is Elissa and I run the YouTube channel Elissa Jordan. I am requesting some top-notch friendly critiquers to critique my channel! Up for the challenge? Read below! So, my channel is classified as a vlog channel. I post videos usually regarding a topic that I go into great...
  25. Eyezak

    How Can I Improve My Content? / Channel Feedback

    Hello! I've been wanting some people to review and give feedback on my channel. I generally upload gaming, mainly a game called Overwatch as that's what I want my primary focus to be. What do I want reviewed? 1. Video Quality (Editing, Audio, Overall Quality) 2. Branding (Banner, Thumbnails...
  26. Skitzzy

    I would like some Channel advice

    I have been viewing YouTube for a long time now, and I am having a lot of fun editing and making videos. But gaining YouTube success is incredibly slow, I am wondering if I am uploading and sharing videos properly. So i ask you Forum reader, what can I do to improve on my channel to help grow my...
  27. R

    Critique My Channel Please? I'm Stuck

    I was in between about posting this because some people could say that I am just sharing the link to my channel which is not exactly true. I want critiqued, be as harsh or as friendly as possible. Are my newest thumbnails appealing? (My...
  28. Shehzad

    My Thoughts On Doom 4 (Campaign)

    Bringing you my thoughts and impression on Doom 4 singleplayer from the various gameplay, dev streams etc I have come across.
  29. Hellolabgroup

    Looking for feedback! :)

    Hey there! I'm looking back for general feedback about my content! Please poke around my channel a bit and let me know what feedback/advice/critique you have for me. I'm always looking to improve! I've only been making let's plays for 4 months but I just reached 300 subs and I'm feeling pretty...
  30. RyanBoyer

    Real Brutal Thoughts on My Channel Page? Branding Wise? :D

    Just wanted to see if people actually liked my art work or maybe what they would change if they had any ideas! :P Thanks!