Elissa Jordan

I've Got It
Hi there! My name is Elissa and I run the YouTube channel Elissa Jordan. I am requesting some top-notch friendly critiquers to critique my channel! Up for the challenge? Read below!

So, my channel is classified as a vlog channel. I post videos usually regarding a topic that I go into great detail about, answering questions, or doing a challenge with friends. If you are interested in these types of channels, I would love to hear your feedback! I ask that it is friendly comments and in-depth commentary about the channel. The more, the merrier! :) I am really interested in how appealing my actual content is and critiques on that, however, I will accept anything. Thank you so much!!! :)
Can't hear your voice in some videos and the ones I can there is a humming in the background. If you're using Adobe Premiere try Vocal Enhancement Audio Effect. Also background music might help that matches the mood of the video.

Try doing a few takes and getting a little faster at speaking. The dialog to me seemed a little slow. You can speed that up in post if you want to keep your first take.
The background is extremely quiet. Maybe add some special effects or music. It sounds like you are putting in effort to grow you channel by callobarating with other YouTubers. Keep going! Be consistent.Don't go so long without creating videos because that can seriously hurt your channel. I hope this is helpful!:)