review my channel

  1. wezworldgaming

    Please review my channel

    Hi guys. Looking for some advice on what I should do, What I should not do. Any Advice would be gratefully appreciated. I'm doing give away videos tomorrow and want to make the best of it. Thanks guys
  2. East To West Vlogs

    Please Review My Channel So Far!

    Hey guys! So I started a channel before called 'East to West Vlogs' (hence why my name is that). However, I've taken a commitment to my new motivational channel called "AnassTheMotivator". My main goal is to upload one video, every day for the entire year. Unfortunately, my videos haven't...
  3. FlipFlops

    I Really Need Advice From You.. (5 Months in Youtube, 60 Videos)

    Hello broh... I really need a lot of advice from you... I joined youtube 5 Months ago and uploading my videos... but i don't think it went well... i only hit 56 subs, and look like it stuck... please don't consider me as complaining.. because actualy deep down in my heart i feel really glad for...
  4. W

    1st gaming commentary. Yay! What do you think?

    First good commentary I've don on my channel. What do you think about it? I'd like some advice if I need to change or improve. Thanks.
  5. DuncanT

    REVIEW: Channel feedback!

    Hey guys, So I've been away for a couple of weeks dealing with personal things because it eventually became too hard to juggle YouTube and a fulltime internship. That's why I'm going to start creating again in 2017. That's also why I thought it might be a good reason to ask for feedback from...
  6. Tomba

    Review my latest video, what would you do different?

    Hey! So I am looking for some people to give me their honest thoughts and feedback on my latest video. I find it to be my best video so far and even though I make tutorial series I steadily improve as well! So give me your brutal and honest thoughts I would really love to hear what you have to...
  7. W

    New schedule and direction for channel

    i have made a new schedule and am hoping it helps me reach a niche audience. I love doing YouTube and talking to people who do. I'd love it if you would like to watch my latest video explaining everything, and let me know what you think. I hope to hear from you and maybe when can all make a few...
  8. T

    I don't have a genuine audience to critique me sooo...

    I only have two subscribers and I'm afraid my friend doesn't want to hurt my feelings, but I need some (constructive) criticism, so if you don't have anything to do or are just bored, your criticisms are welcome. I'm looking on getting an intro soon, and working on getting an actual profile...
  9. Eaglewolf Magic

    My channel is going great! Would love to get your view on it :)

    Hey everybody! My channel is going great IMO and I'd love to get your view on it! Other eyes can often help to see the flaws and stuff! Many thanks! Hug /eaglewolf magic
  10. Devxn

    Please Review My Channel and Content Please!

    Hello there! I am a small youtuber who like many, has the dream to one day become big in the community :) But of course, I am not perfect. Which is why I would love if you you could check out my channel and review it and my content. I am open to any suggestion you may and will take them into...
  11. Elissa Jordan

    Friendly Feedback Requested :)

    Hi there! My name is Elissa and I run the YouTube channel Elissa Jordan. I am requesting some top-notch friendly critiquers to critique my channel! Up for the challenge? Read below! So, my channel is classified as a vlog channel. I post videos usually regarding a topic that I go into great...
  12. ComradeSupreme

    Help me out and I can help you out! All feedback is welcomed here!

    As always, I do enjoy feedback and reviews quite a bit. I edit my videos of my friends and I playing games - laughing and goofing around, probably breaking the game itself. I try to have all the funny moments and make it so people are laughing and invested in the video. Regardless of all that...
  13. Kecha.L

    I got roasted...

    Please review my newest video! I will give you back a review as well :)
  14. ParanoiaOrigins

    Looking for a channel review, Thanks to everyone in advance. <3

    I would like a review on my youtube channel, if there's anything that needs improving. Want to just let who ever my reviewer is to do a review on any video he/she wants. I would like to make a request reviews of the following: My Channels...
  15. javacentral

    Review my latest video and I'll review yours!

    Made a wonderful cup of iced coffee with some interesting things mixed in. Will check out your latest video and tell you how it is as well!
  16. javacentral

    Made espresso today without an espresso maker. Life is forever changed

  17. Frostbite Fitness

    review my channel! ill review yours

    Hey guys i recntly started up a fitness channel. All my friends and family say my videos are great and what i need is some more equipment (backdrop, lights) which im ordering. Can you guys please give my channel an HONEST review. im not looking for a sugarcoated review to make me feel good. im...
  18. javacentral

    Would love some feedback on my channel or videos, will return favor!

    I'm hoping my channel is going in the right direction but would love some one on one feedback. Will give you some feedback on your content as well if you want!
  19. W

    Review my channel please

    Hey everybody! I was woundering if some of you could visit my channel and let me know how good my branding is and how good my channel is as a whole. As well I guess I kinda wanted to know how good my video structure is and all that. Thank you and have agood day...
  20. W

    Review my channel Here is a link to my newest video. If you want cheack out some of my other videos and then reply or message me and let me know what I can improve on and what you like about my channel. Thanks.
  21. SwankGaming

    How I'm Looking?

    Hey guys I've been on youtube for about 2.5 months and grown to 300 subs in that amount of time, but i feel like there's so much I can do to improve, but to be honest I'm not sure where nor how. May you check out my channel and give me some feedback? I'll like to hear from people that are small...
  22. Ans Marie

    Review My Channel?

    I've been doing youtube for almost two years. I'm not growing as fast as I would like, and my subscribers are very inactive. Of course I am grateful for what I do have, and I know I shouldn't worry about numbers. However, I would appreciate some constructive criticism to help me create better...
  23. Inferno Ace

    New Gaming Channel - I NEED HONEST FEEDBACK!!

    Hey guys, so I started a gaming channel on YouTube and I'm wondering how I can make my channel more successful and how I can kickstart my channel. I just want some things that I can improve on, and your opinion on my channel. PLEASE BE HONEST!!! Here is my latest video:
  24. KooL KiD Gamers!

    looking for some feedback on my Gaming channel!

    Hey hows it going guys! i havent had a channel review in quite some time. last time i was reviewed i had less then 50 views and about 5 subs. its been 3 weeks later and have 27 subs and 1400 views. wanted to see what you guys thought of the channel. i feel like its doing good because of the...
  25. V

    Please review my gaming channel!

    I have a gaming channel called VTeamStudios that currently has 15 subscribers. I was wondering if someone could check out my channel and tell me what I am doing wrong/ how to make my channel grow Thanks, Vicky
  26. O

    Just got started! What do you think?

    So, I like playing games, and a I like singing, and I like making fun of silly plot points of game or movie design. So rather than regurgitate what everyone else was doing, I just try to have fun both in the recording and the editing, and create something a little let's play and a little parody...
  27. Terminator BDs

    I need Help with my channel

    Hello My name is Ahmed AKA Terminator I just wanted someone to checkout my channel and tell me what should I do to get more views and subs and tell me the best successful tips to help me grow My channel name:TerminatorBDs Channel
  28. FudgyBiscuit

    Channel/Video review

    Hey guys, its been a while since some of you guys checked out my channel and gave me some feedback and a lots changed (hopefully for the better), it's been a LONG grind but recently hit 350 subs. Would really appreciate some feedback for my channel ranging from graphics (banners/thumbnails)...
  29. MannyIzzy

    I'm having a hard time growing & would love help

    Hello guys I'm Manny from Baby Back Ribs Production and our channel is stuck 119 and every time we get to 120 it always drops. We would love to know how to improve our channel and our videos. I would love a review of our channel as well. I would love to know what you guys think and if you need...
  30. PenguinCalamity

    The Minecraft Realm : let me know how I did on my first video of the series!

    Starting a new series and need some constructive criticism. Let me know plz and thank you.:thumbsup2: