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Hey guys i recntly started up a fitness channel. All my friends and family say my videos are great and what i need is some more equipment (backdrop, lights) which im ordering. Can you guys please give my channel an HONEST review. im not looking for a sugarcoated review to make me feel good. im treating this as a business, i want to know exactly whats wrong with my videos, but if you see something you like let me know! thanks guys and ill review your channels too just ask!
There aren't any videos on your channel. You need a banner though, that's a very important part of branding and just visual appeal.
Cons.... im doing the cons first just because i have a bad memory ha ha :)
#1. you need to put your videos from unlisted to public so that your videos will be on your home page and easier to find! :)
#2. your audio is not that good for your type of video i would sugest getting a lav mic or a boom mic. audio is the #1 most important thing on youtube people can forgive bad video but they can not forgive bad audio... ever!

for a Lav Mic

Boom Mic

#3 . like Ylatten said befroe me you need a banner its supper impotent for branding

#4. don't do hand held vlogs they can be vary disorientating for your viewers i dont mind my self but i know a few peps who would click away from your video because of this also you need to set your camra settings to manual if you are going to be shooting in the sunlight like that because there were times where i could not really see your face that well.

#5. you need better thumbnails that is a must


#1. you are not camra shy! witch is something i still struggle with
#2. you are vary knowledgeable and are vary informative i really liked the video
#3 you have a vary good channel icon really well done

over all i like your channel and it has alot of potential but there are somethings you need to fix before i would recommend you go any further. i hope you have an awesome day man! please feel free to review my content i would love to hear what you think! :)
Of course you know that you need some equipment, so saying that doesn't help :p

I feel like on your motivation video, you should have straight up started with your story, and kept what your channel is about for your trailer. That would have shaved off some time that didn't need to be taken up by that. People will be clicking on that video to get motivation, so you don't want to make people wait. You want to engage your viewers and keep them with your story.

What I like is what you are very conversational in the way you talk and you seem very comfortable and knowledgeable. You seem confident, and that will build trust.... if that makes sense.

If you'd like to review me, it would be greatly appreciated. It may not be your style, though. It's pretty weird.