Please review my gaming channel!


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I have a gaming channel called VTeamStudios that currently has 15 subscribers.

I was wondering if someone could check out my channel and tell me what I am doing wrong/ how to make my channel grow

Thanks, Vicky
Checking out your channel I have three tips to give you.
1.Try using OBS or Fraps instead of Bandicam. This way there is no annoying watermark at the top.
2.Audio is hard to hear. It's really hard to understand you at times and i you fixed this you'd be golden!
3. Stay Consistent, I see that you don't upload for weeks at a time. If you upload consistent good videos, you are bound to grow!
your channel is okay at most and I feel that you will really benefit from these steps:

1) buy a better mic, they are tons out there for £5 which are quality
2) dont use bandicam please - research some recording software which are free and are better to use
3) the music you use is WAY too loud
4) try and see if you can organise a collaboration with a channel bigger to grow your channel

keep doing the content your doing, be patient and you will grow :)