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I was always gung-ho with my channel and its ideas, just throwing out what I thought would be good. But after watching Jump Cut Academy. They taught me to take a step back and find out who I really am. In doing so, I realised why my channel wasn't growing because I wasn't being myself and my viewers could see that. So now I've decided to be myself which is a weird and creative person. And I've seen a slow but steady climb in my subs. So for anyone struggling with their channel not growing. Don't be afraid to be yourself, or if you already are. Try finding out something new about yourself and adding it in. You never how much a small change can affect your life. Good luck everyone
Making some changes to your channel is sometimes the best thing you can do for you channel. Don't be affraid to mix things up a bit and try some new things on your channels :)
Not everyone is the same and I think being able to show that on your channel can improve your audience engagement a lot. I wouldn't want to watch different channels they felt like I was watching the same person all the time. I like variety. Right now I don't have enough videos that capture "me" directly but I hope when I add vlogs I will be able to show that side of me as well.

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I like changing things up in my video's how I edit them and sequences lots of different things and see what preforms better than others.

to keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results would be pretty crazy.

of course if what your doing is working really well keep doing that...lol although you can probably still find ways to make things better.
I think changing up things and exprementing with thumbnails and videos is an really good way to find out what works. I found this small collab channel who tries way hard to be just like the other members that belong in a really big collab channel, they don’t only copy their content but also copy their personalities. When I seen that I automatically unsubscribed, I don’t want to see copy cats of the other members I want to see their personalities and their video I iDeas. Other people noticed as well and even called them out for it, so this is a perfect example to be yourself.
I think thats arguably the biggest secret to success on youtube, Dont chase trends and be yourself. Theres almost no point in pretending to be someone else because all it means is you'll forever be stuck playing a character which never usually ends well...By all means exaggerate your own personality a bit. but keep it real and do what you enjoy and the right people will find you eventually :)
Luckily, I am generally pleased to talk about myself, therefore my videos reflect how I am truly feeling in the moment and it's not exaggerated. I do pay attention to how I talk in my videos and often, I have to do multiple takes since I may stutter a word or take too long to explain something.
I totally agree. You're being true to yourself and also ensuring that you don't get overly tired down the line to the point where it may be too late to turn back. Better to start right, and be genuine.