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  1. E

    Subscription shows as if I get an immediate subscriber that unsubscribes / shows as Other

    I can see that when I go to subscription source I can see that I have six channels that appeared as "Other" when unsubscribing. Can someone tell me why this is happening? Some of them makes it seem like a bot is just adding my channel and then deleting it right after. As you can clearly see...
  2. daniboy1991

    Strategies & Technique I Use To Hit 1000 Youtube Sub In A Weeek

    Hello YouTubers, here is a quick strategy I use to hit 1000 sub in a week, I mean legit way, monetization friendly strategy. Even though you already got over a thousand sub, you can still use this strategy so you can continue growing your channel.
  3. I

    New to YTTalk

    Hi I am new to this plstform, i am Shawnavon a small youtuber hoping to grow my channel. I am looking for support on how to be as effective as possible while posting content on YT. I am open to any suggestions on my current content and future content.
  4. Joc Promise

    How to get subscribers

    Hey guys, teach me, how can I get subscribers very fast on my channel?,
  5. AllVisuals4U

    Abbreviated subscriber counts better?!

    Anyone else noticed a rise in daily gained subscribers since the exact number of subscribers is hidden and there's no number on the subscribe button anymore? Since the beginning of this month I'm getting a few subs every day. It almost never happened that I get more than one a day before...
  6. kenziecantdraw

    How to Stay Motivated When Subs Are Dropping

    I started building my channel in Fall of 2018. By December I had over 700 subscribers. Unfortunately, due to a mental health issue, I had to take a break from YouTube and was inactive for 6 months. During that time I lost a couple subs, but mostly gained. I was even invited to become a...
  7. AaronSonyi

    Hide Sub Count?

    I feel like having a low sub count(I'm currently at 192) can discredit you from viewers taking you seriously. Like they might think you have a low count because you're not worth subbing to. I was wondering if anyone's hidden their sub count when they were small(under 1000 subs) and what kind of...
  8. J.Kposowa

    A Small Change, Can Make A Big Difference.

    I was always gung-ho with my channel and its ideas, just throwing out what I thought would be good. But after watching Jump Cut Academy. They taught me to take a step back and find out who I really am. In doing so, I realised why my channel wasn't growing because I wasn't being myself and my...
  9. Friendlyman

    Ways to promote channel

    My channel growth has came to a stop lately and its been like this for 2 weeks I only gained 1 sub last week which is worrying me I dont want to be stuck at the same subs count for to long so im asking here for ways I can promote my channel a bit more.
  10. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Get Your First 100 YouTube Subscribers

  11. AllVisuals4U

    100 subscribers!

    I finally got there! Took me about a year..
  12. VRONA

    I Apparently Have Subscriber Jumps That are "Suspicious"

    So in the past two weeks, two different people said I have "suspicious" subscriber growth rate and subscriber activity, when I asked them for advice. They said it looks as if I done sub4sub or got a whole bunch of fake subscribers. Here is a good example on a thread where I asked "What Could...
  13. Zohmaigawdd

    Help me rebrand and gain subsciber activity???

    I've been in the game for a good few years and I always had these hiatuses bc personal s**t, but now I want to fully get back into the groove. I've uploaded a bit more quality content and I've privatized most videos that didn't fit the same style as my current one. Any other tips on rebranding...
  14. KantoGaming

    Road to 1k

    Passed 700 subs!! Or membersof the Kanto Fam is what I like to call them :D Road to 1k is becoming real!
  15. KantoGaming

    Gain a Sub Lose A Sub

    My channel has been doing this a lot lately. I will gain a subscriber and then the next day I will lose a Sub, or sometimes even the same day. And no it's not the people who just subbed that are unsubscribing. I have a feeling it's because i did a giveaway a while ago and now all of those...
  16. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Sub4Sub? How This Can HURT Your YouTube Channel

    Sub 4 Sub? Should I Sub4Sub? Getting YouTube Subscribers can be hard when starting out and people always ask How To Get YouTube Subscribers. But begging for subs, buying subscribers and trading subscribers in Sub for Sub could be hurting your channel and may even get your YouTube Channel banned...
  17. KantoGaming

    600 Subscribers - Gained 130 subs in 4 days!

    I am finally at 600 subscribers! My sub count has gone up like crazy the past couple days. I'm so happy :D
  18. SeanFace101

    I have reached 100 SUBSCRIBERS!!

    I am so happy that's me finally reached the 100 subscribers milestone! :D Just got my 100th subscriber there and I'm very chuffed! :D :D :D
  19. Jonatan Moser

    Hit 400 subs!

    I am so happy for reaching this milestone! Especially considering that I have earned my last 80 subs on ONE VIDEO! After I signed up for the Peter Hollens December Song cover contest, my entry has gotten thousands of views, and my sub count has exploded! I am soooo happy! :-D
  20. ocslushie

    [locked] YouTube Glitch & Algorithm Change

    YouTube Glitch As many of you have heard there has been a very bad glitch on YouTube recently. People like KEEMSTAR, ComedyShortsGamer, and many others have been affected and have spoken out. If you don't know what it is, then it's a glitch when you upload you gradually lose subs at a steady...
  21. Bola

    I want to know who unsub me?

    is there any App or setting to know who unsub me? Tired of people begging for sub for sub and when you do they unsub later. Please any help with this ?
  22. gerard loughran


    YouTube is just a hobbie I enjoy making family videos and enjoy editing. Of course I'd glance at numbers of views and subs etc Was just wondering does anyone just focus on it and let it effect how they feel, like happy if you gain or sad and upset If the numbers never change?
  23. SwaggyIndian

    Subscriber milestone

    I hit 1,000 subs a couple days ago.
  24. KantoGaming

    400 subs!!

    I just reached 400 subs this morning! I've had a rough patch on my channel because I wasn't able to upload for like a month due to moving to a different city. But I've been back and now I've reached 400 subs (:
  25. KantoGaming

    Do you show your sub count??

    Im just curious. I just turned mine off for the first time to do a test and see if I'll get more views/subs because people don't know how many subs I already have. I've heard a lot of people say that other people can be turned away from a channel just because of your sub count. So, do you...
  26. Bobby and Emily

    New Youtube Couple averaging 5 subscribers a day!

    Hey guys, recently we have been averaging 5 subscribers a day, is there any way I can increase that? I feel like we have good content, and more is coming. I have considered using youtube ads as a way but wanted to get your thoughts first.
  27. Ballistic

    When to start Vlogging?

    I eventually want to have a vlog channel and also still have my main channel and was wondering, at what sub number is it big enough to start a successful vlog channel that would get a decent amount of views, I was thinking maybe around like 100k subs. Thanks!
  28. ShawnMcCallum

    Struggling to grow my channel's audience

    This summer I finally committed to my YouTube channel. I have decided to make new videos every week and have been creating adventure Vlogs as a way to achieve this. I'm proud of my content and feel people will really enjoy my videos but I'm struggling to gain any real momentum and find an...
  29. Anjim

    Hard work doesn't pay and not perfect

    Both of my channels hasn't been growing lately and it's getting frustrating. Other people grow faster than me and I want to improve my content but I get dislikes and sub4sub comments all the time. I am trying to say I am not trying to be perfect but someone who can put similes on people faces...
  30. Altairsfriend

    Getting more Subscribers.

    Hey everybody, I'm proud to say that my last two videos have gotten well over 100 views. The first got that amount in a week and the second (which was released today) reached 100 in less then 2 hours! This is great! But I at least right now haven't seen a increase in subs. What are you all's...