1. Kenz0

    Struggling to find a name to use for my viewers

    Hello everyone, im here because im looking to get help with names to call my viewers, my channels name is Kenzo and im a gamer, just i cant think of anything good to call them. i don't want to address them as the viewer i want something that will be brand noticeable example (pewdiepie calls his...
  2. J.Kposowa

    A Small Change, Can Make A Big Difference.

    I was always gung-ho with my channel and its ideas, just throwing out what I thought would be good. But after watching Jump Cut Academy. They taught me to take a step back and find out who I really am. In doing so, I realised why my channel wasn't growing because I wasn't being myself and my...
  3. Liam O’Doyle

    Committing to an upload schedule

    I’ve just recently announced in a video that i’m going to upload every Sunday evening. Something i’m doing to make sure I don’t miss it, is to upload when i have time in the week as “scheduled” so it goes live by itself. I’m going to try really hard to stick to this as i think it will be a...
  4. SoccerBrosTv

    What can I do to gain more viewers and subscribers?

    What can I do to gain more Subscribers and viewers? Is there anything to do like... Eye catcher or something? Please tell me below, thank you.
  5. R

    Video language: Speaking English or English subtitles?

    Hi guys! I am starting another channel about my fitness and health in a vlogging type of way. Of course, this is an very present subject on Youtube. However, there are very few vloggers working on this subject. Therefore, I can see this working. But I'm wondering: can I reach viewers from...
  6. tonyphan

    30 Subscribers After A Month (Before: 1 Year and 2 subscribers)

    I reached 30 subscribers yesterday! That's not a big number but to me it is. I still remember the frustration when producing video but no one watches or subscribes but its improving. After a month of studying YouTube and numerous hours of learning video editing through YouTube. My lesson so...
  7. Marcello Riviera

    Growing your channel using analytics?

    There are countless threads on here which suggest that the best way to grow your channel is through online marketing technique such as Search Engine Optimisation using Keyword tagging e.c.t. but hardly anyone ever looks at the importance of doing your RESEARCH! I feel like the best way to...
  8. HearingMind

    [long thread] I like my channel but i cant get viewers/subs

    Hello, so, ive been running my channel over a year now, and i saw no improvements, just 1-2 subscribers, i dont even know now, because i was an idiot and botted my channel with 105 fake subs, just from that, i have a feeling youtube blacklisted my channel in searches or something alike. And i...
  9. Landen

    Theory About Over-Professionalism?

    Hey all, I just recently thought about this. This is a weird thought but I'm creating videos that right off the bat have a ton of editing (music, sound effects, popups, animations, etc). Because my channel is so new, I don't really have a lot of views. I realize things can only improve over...
  10. TeddieCakes

    Gaming A way to involve viewers and other channels to grow together - channel idea and collaboration

    How do you feel when you see popular YouTubers sharing their successes, while comparing yours or other smaller channels to them? With me, I feel there should be more effort in showcasing and inspiring our audience and viewers,directly, to take that first step towards what they want! Though, I...
  11. Nanonium

    Allow viewers to contribute translated titles, descriptions, and subtitles/CC ?

    OK, so YouTube has this feature when uploading where you can enable "Allow viewers to contribute translated titles, descriptions, and subtitles/CC " in the advanced options section, I was wondering if it's worth turning on. I mean, my audience is small, I don't exactly have a fanbase so is it...
  12. Spaceshipcontrol

    Will people follow an over-arching plot?

    Hey everyone, I am wondering if my viewers will bother to try and follow what happens in terms of overarching story. My channel has a larger plot going on, with a mix of videos that are related or not related to that plot. I really hope that my viewers actually pay attention to that, but there...
  13. Jack Swish

    3,000 total video views!

    I'm so pleased to move onto the next milestone :D Got to keep going now! Started posting every week so I hope that I can get up to 5,000 by the end of the year- wish me luck! If you have any tips or feedback on my content or channel I would love to hear it. Thank you!
  14. Renaldo

    First thing that comes to mind!

    Hey guys! I was wondering how my video's are perceived by my viewers. What comes to mind when you watch my video? And if you have some feedback, I'd love to hear it! Thanks! Renaldo
  15. booitscaitlin

    Engaging your audience/interactive viewers?

    A little context: So I've recently hit 1,000 subscribers but I have basically no interaction with my viewers. I haven't uploaded in quite a while because I have no motivation at the moment as I just want to connect with my audience (plus just in a bit of an ideas rut) and because that doesn't...
  16. AncientEmma

    Attracting the "Target" Audience

    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone had any tips for attracting the sort of audience they want to watch their content. In general, I try to go through the comments section of a video from a Youtuber I admire, find someone who posts their own content, then comment on one of their videos (if...
  17. Conight

    7 Day Challenge

    Not sure if this challenge exists under a different title, however, I decided to attempt to upload 7 videos in 7 days as Youtube rewards those content creators that upload consistently and for my content genre its definitely difficult to upload consistently, Despite my video length, it's...
  18. coxonthebox

    Summer vs Winter viewing numbers

    Has anyone else noticed a drop in viewing numbers now the sun is coming out? Being new to YouTube I'm assuming the weather can have an effect on viewing numbers but given that nearly everyone has access to YouTube all day (phone, tablet, computer) I'm surprised by the sudden drop. ...who knows...
  19. Hyper Gaming

    Just got 60,000 views

    I have just reached my next milestone on the channel and that is that I have reached over 60,000 views on my channel. My next viewer goal will probably be around 75,000 views with a goal of reaching it by the end of 2016 or Early 2017. I am also near my next subscriber goal with 100...
  20. Johnny Kag

    How do we get people discover us?

    Hey, Ian Kag here :) My sis and I recently started youtube and we were wondering about how to get our channel discovered by other people. I mean, where do we start from? Do we have to interact with other viewers in the comment section of big youtubers? I do that a lot, I talk to people...
  21. Promice

    What is the one country you have viewers from, that you never expected?

    Looking at my analytics I found out I had some viewers from parts I did not expect. The biggest one for me is United Arab Emirates and I just have no idea how I got viewers from there. What is the one surprise country that you have viewers from?
  22. Aïcha

    Running into a little problem

    Hey guys, I am youtuber, you can say somewhat not new(4months) It's been quite hard for me to increase the number of my viewers/subs I've no clue as to why ...Can ye please help me out a bit and give me feedback on what to improve and things like that? Many thanks in advance YouTube channel ...


    Hey there! I was just wondering if anyone would be able to give me and helpful tips and tricks when doing music cover videos, as well as gaming videos. Essentially any advice you can give on getting these types of videos more viewers! Thank you in advance! :wavespin:
  24. KiddieToysReview

    Mixed Playlist & Getting Visitors

    We have seen a popular channel do something with playlists we have not seen often, and are wondering if it helps them to get viewers/subscribers: They create a playlist, lets' say "Play Doh Toys", and add several of their own videos into the playlist. Then they add other Play Doh videos with...
  25. N8Squared

    Strategies that dont work.

    Hi guys and girls so basically I have had a channel for around 7 months now. Within theses 7 months I have tried all sorts of strategies. The best one I have had so far is posting on a servers forum with my content linked at the bottom. This has gained me a good amount of new people to my...
  26. C

    Attract Certain Viewers

    Ahoy y'all. As you might have seen I am doing an interactive series this 2016, and I am starting ASAP, but I am trying to involve my viewers in it by letting them decide outcomes of cliffhangers, things that happen in an episode and I'm going to play along that. But the problem is, my viewers...
  27. Martin Clash Games

    My channel

    Hey! My name is Martin or ClashGames and this: , is my YouTube channel! Now, I first started my YouTube channel about four years ago and switched between three different channels. 137 subscribers (my current subscriber count) is the most I got, and I usually got it...
  28. elPepin

    Why does my vid suck?

    Tell me what is wrong with this vid. 1. Is it boring? (keep in mind if you are a fan or not, perception counts) 2. Quality 3. Me??????? :( Please be kind. Suggestions of what to improve?