Gaming A way to involve viewers and other channels to grow together - channel idea and collaboration

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Jan 2, 2017
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New York
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How do you feel when you see popular YouTubers sharing their successes, while comparing yours or other smaller channels to them?

With me, I feel there should be more effort in showcasing and inspiring our audience and viewers,directly, to take that first step towards what they want!

Though, I am small channel, I want to be a mentor figure and guide my viewers to take the extra step towards what they inspire to be. Even if we all have full-time careers or various responsibilities to handle. However, that is the best part. The more effort we invest to improve towards our goals, the more value and meaning it has when we reach it.

I want to give back to the community that has provided me all the joy and inspiration throughout my life. Through all the hardships of my career and life. Rather than simply watch our favorite YouTubers, let us become them by sharing each others strengths and improving each others weaknesses.

We might feel our weaknesses are our hindrance, but to be honest you never realize how inspirational and motivating you are until that individual expresses it to you. Show your strengths and lets climb the ranks together!

Please email (go to YouTube channel and click the email link there!) or message me if you want to have fun together!

Videos would be of the following:

- Interviewing gaming (or other niches) channels about their desires, goals, progress, and advice. (Of course this will be prepared before hand and questions will be verified by interviewee by doing a quick practice interview)
- Provide videos teaching everything I have done to get where I am currently at (how to create videos, software to use, how to reach out to other channels, what I do to prepare for a video, hardships creators face, what inspired me to keep going, overcoming mental barriers, where to go to improve your quality, etc).
- Inviting all viewers to come play games together and showcase our fun times to encourage them to start creating videos (it can be anywhere from 1 person to a group of individuals).
- Somewhat establish a "standard" within the community to learn to be more mature, modest, and respectable (of course this varies on comedy type and skits) to encourage and inspire hesitant individuals to start creating and throw the mental barriers out
- (long term) Giveaways and meet ups
- More ideas, but currently have these in mind


I want to record and teach everything I do to guide others to start doing YouTube (or goals), so we can all grow together rather than simply watch one channel grow. It is about showcasing the work of other creators and recording videos of having fun together. Would you be interested in being interviewed, showcased, or simply playing together?

Please let me know!