What is the one country you have viewers from, that you never expected?


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Looking at my analytics I found out I had some viewers from parts I did not expect. The biggest one for me is United Arab Emirates and I just have no idea how I got viewers from there. What is the one surprise country that you have viewers from?
I had someone from Holland search a video in his native language, to find my channel that wasn't anywhere near the top of the search (I searched it to find out how he found it and I wasn't on first 3 pages) for him to watch the video in its entirety. That was a good feeling. I used to also think I had a sub from Azerbaijan until I found out it was a vpn.
Wow, I've never paid that much attention to the location analytics... We have 184 different entries in our lifetime stats, and some of them I doubt I could even point at on a map! That's actually fascinating.
I've had views from 237 different countries. Including 2 views from........... North Korea from a long time ago, but they haven't been back since..... :unsure::nailbiting::ninja2::mask2:
For real i loled sooo hard :D that is so cool and weird at the same time :D