How do we get people discover us?

Johnny Kag

Hey, Ian Kag here :)

My sis and I recently started youtube and we were wondering about how to get our channel discovered by other people.

I mean, where do we start from?

Do we have to interact with other viewers in the comment section of big youtubers? I do that a lot, I talk to people there, but it doesn't seem to help, and I definitely don't wanna turn into a spammer, like "Hey, check out my channel."

I would love to know how to get people watch our videos, I don't care if they like or dislike the video, subscribe or not, I just want the chance to grab their attention.

Thanks, please let me know what you think about it or if you have anything in mind :)
life long youtube question here
seeing how yous already have 15 subs in 3 videos that is fantastic
i would just say keep making consistent good content and they will come
remember Empires werent built in a day it takes time to build something great :)
well yea if its good has a good Thumbnail you should be fine

you can also promote on FB,Twitter im sure that would help

Yup Social Media is great and just getting involved in communities around the internet that aligns with your channel content, the way I see it it's a "give more then you get" kinda situation. just be real and keep uploading and you will do great!
Unless you're one hell of a networker to get a big youtube channel to help you (and it is possible), I would suggest you network with channels around your size, preferably those creating content similar to yours. You can comment on each other's videos and promote each other on social media. As you get bigger and bigger, more channels start noticing you, and eventually you'll get people asking to work with you event.

If you don't care about the possibility of dislikes, do what I do and learn to use Reddit and you can get thousands of views.