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Hey guys!

I was wondering if anyone had any tips for attracting the sort of audience they want to watch their content. In general, I try to go through the comments section of a video from a Youtuber I admire, find someone who posts their own content, then comment on one of their videos (if that makes sense.) I don't tell them to check me out, just try to be nice and hope out of curiosity they'll look at my channel as well. Thing is, only a few actually make their own content, so the success rate isn't too high.

Does anyone have any other suggestions that may work for viewers and not just creators? Thanks so much!

I've moved this to the Strategies & Technique Advice Forum. ^_^

I've noticed that posting nice comments (thoughtful comments, not promotional comments) on other YouTuber's content actually causes a lot of people to click on my channel. Whenever I go on a YouTube comment spree and post on a lot of videos, I get a lot of replies from other viewers, and then find them commenting on my stuff, too..

I still post comments because I want to post comments (not because I want ppl to click on my channel... >.> ), but having the extra exposure gives me more motivation to write comments. I tend to usually just watch videos and silently move on to the next video, but I've been leaving more and more comments lately. ^^

I think it's important to try to comment on related youtube videos, so that the other viewers might be interested in what your channel has to offer if they were to click on it. =)