What can I do to gain more viewers and subscribers?

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What can I do to gain more Subscribers and viewers? Is there anything to do like... Eye catcher or something?

Please tell me below, thank you.
There´s a lot of tips and tricks here that could help you grow as a channel, so you just need to look for the tips that suits you!
Otherwise I can recommend posting on Reddit, twitter, Facebook. Otherwise you could see if the thumbnails are good enough, that the content itself are good enough in your opinion!
One way of gaining views and subscribers is to find similar channels to your content and give honest feedback on their video(s). Do not request people check out your channel in the comments section, this will likely get your comment flagged as spam.
Make good content, find channels similar to yours, always leave good comments, good as in unique, share all whatever social media platform you have daily. Make friends to collab with. And also if there's anything you need to update and fix, fix up channel art, channel banner and even some thumbnails. That's what I do.
I would suggest making sure you are active on Twitter without just using it to paste your links. Also, finding niche subreddits to be active in and give feedback on similar channels to yours would asking for them to check you out as that will come naturally. Make sure you look at your videos and you are proud of their quality before uploading and have eye catching titles and thumbnails.

It might also be worth checking out Think Media as they give great tips about marketing and SEO.
I encourage you to read through some of the tutorials other members have created that help answer this question:

This question is asked all the time, and it is one of the reasons why this forum was developed. The staff lock these kinds of threads because they have been answered very thoroughly in the tutorials section, and we want to keep the discussion there.
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