Summer vs Winter viewing numbers


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Has anyone else noticed a drop in viewing numbers now the sun is coming out? Being new to YouTube I'm assuming the weather can have an effect on viewing numbers but given that nearly everyone has access to YouTube all day (phone, tablet, computer) I'm surprised by the sudden drop.

...who knows maybe it's me!
Much less people will use YT when the weather's good outside, I'd prefer to be outside personally :smug:

I've seen a big drop compared to what I got on my old channel last winter. I would get 200-300 views sometimes in the winter (especially in the week leading up to Christmas) whereas now getting past 50 is an achievement :unsure:
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I haven't really noticed that big of a difference because I don't upload enough but I assume it's probably because during the summer people don't have school so they go on vacation and hang out with friends and family and stuff. During school, people put of work as long as possible by watching YouTube videos until like 2 in the morning (I know from experience...)