1. BrianTheVideoShooter

    Winter nature beauty

    Beautiful winter nature (Beauty) at the Western Rampart fortification in Copenhagen, Denmark. A cold day but it's fresh weather and wintertime again.
  2. BrianTheVideoShooter

    Snowfall from trees

    Snow falling from trees. After a peaceful snowfall I caught this beautiful phenomenon in the forest. The snowy winter in the woods is here. Great wint scenery.
  3. J7409

    Other Wanted Weather and all Strange Sky sighting Calabers

    Hi, I am looking for people that would like to calab about weather and all strange sky sightings. If you are interested , jot me a note at I have a little over 18,000 subs. Look forward to hearing from some of you, if you are interested in growing your channel...
  4. J7409

    Other Looking for someone to calab with on weather and space in all forms.

    Looking for Weather Clabers. And Things in the Sky that seem strange..... I have a little over 18,000 subs. Looking to calab soon. If you are interested please jot me a note at the email below. Thanks, Jewel Look forward to hear from some of you.
  5. CollegeAndBacon

    The Strangest Things That Have Fallen From The Sky

    Imagine going outside, looking up, and seeing a cow falling out of the sky... or spiders.... or blood. Sometimes there are explanations for the strange things that fall from above, and other times it remains a mystery. Regardless, in this episode, Jayson and Eric bring you a short list of truly...
  6. coxonthebox

    Summer vs Winter viewing numbers

    Has anyone else noticed a drop in viewing numbers now the sun is coming out? Being new to YouTube I'm assuming the weather can have an effect on viewing numbers but given that nearly everyone has access to YouTube all day (phone, tablet, computer) I'm surprised by the sudden drop. ...who knows...