Strategies that dont work.


Hi guys and girls so basically I have had a channel for around 7 months now. Within theses 7 months I have tried all sorts of strategies. The best one I have had so far is posting on a servers forum with my content linked at the bottom. This has gained me a good amount of new people to my channel. Other things I have tried is posting on reddit, twitter and even helping other channels out. This has only increased my following by 2 or 3 subs. Basically I need new strats, I need these because I love making videos and I enjoy having feedback off people telling me how I can improve my content. The thing that makes me happy the most is when I create a video and then see that its going well and making people laugh. I want to increase my following to make more people laugh. Any ideas on how I can try to expand my following?

Thanks for reading anyway :)
What works for me:
* this forum (hi! :D)
* commenting on small YouTubers' channels
* getting top comments on big YouTubers' videos

What hasn't worked:
* Twitter
* Tumblr
* Promotion communities on G+ or Reddit (no idea about content-relevant communities (can't find any))