1. AnxoiusAshley

    Making an effective art channel

    Hey so I'm just starting out and I know that I want my channel to be oriented around art and creativity. I love to draw and plan on making most of my videos me drawing on paper, digitally, or using other forms when I feel like it. My editing skills are definitely rough but that aside, what are...
  2. AaronSonyi

    Hide Sub Count?

    I feel like having a low sub count(I'm currently at 192) can discredit you from viewers taking you seriously. Like they might think you have a low count because you're not worth subbing to. I was wondering if anyone's hidden their sub count when they were small(under 1000 subs) and what kind of...
  3. earnwithronny

    Strategies to promote you tube channel

    Hello everyone! I have been doing youtube for years, ( as a side , just for fun) I am inspired by all the famous youtubers rice gum, vitaly, and other successful youtubers. Recently i have been taking it more serious (2.5k views) I currently have a channel dedicated to ways to make money online...
  4. IVY

    How to get your first couple subs?

    I am trying youtube now and with an older channel I grew 700 subs in 3 weeks but with this channel in the first 7 days of this channel being up I only got around 2-3 subs. Any Tips or strategies to get get a first initial boost?
  5. filipaschannel

    Editing/research posts

    Hi guys! Found myself wondering if anyone else does this... Very often I like to just take my laptop somewhere outside my home and that I feel really good and edit or do research from there. Does anyone do this or you prefer to just do it from the comfort of your home? (Sorry if this is in th...
  6. A

    Would love feedback on my latest video!

    Just posted my first of this new style of commentary I am doing! Would loved feedback on this video. I know it was short, but it was more of an update video than anything. Thanks! Also if anyone would like to give me gameplay footage for my commentaries, email me
  7. GeniePurple

    Thinking about my channel! Happy but Stuck in few things

    Hello dudes \m/ I been wondering about this for a few days and i trying to understand it but my head can't get around it for some reason.. Ok i make contents every Once a week as i work at 9 to 7 everyday. Cool i got 45 cool awesome subs you dudes but i can't seem to get around how i...
  8. DRWBZ

    How to target US viewers when I'm from Europe?

    Hi guys, this is an interesting one. It goes without saying that the US is a country with a big population. And I want some of them to watch my videos! But how? I don't have any friends located over there. All I know is that my content would interest people and perhaps especially for Americans...
  9. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I have been on youtube for about a half a year and I just wanted to know. What marketing strategies can help grow my channel and get a better community. Any tips would be helpful!!!
  10. ItzzEvade

    How do I find communities and promote my channel

    Im a gaming channel and I need help on finding out how to put my channel out there, I know people say twitter or yttalk or other forums but HOW DO YOU FIND PEOPLE, i tried talking to some people (i will admit i did spam two people at the very beginning before i found out it was bad) but then i...
  11. Christoverse

    Is exposure my channel's weakness?

    Hi guys, My YouTube name is Christoverse and I've been doing commentary/story time videos for 4.5 months now. I've been very consistent, putting out fresh, new content all the time. I've received frequent positive feedback from Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Yttalk, Damnlag, Instagram and in person...
  12. Psycho Lucas

    Need a YouTube intro? I got the KEY!

    If your a beginning YouTuber who is trying to make your video look more professional with a COOL intro, use Blender. Blender is a 3D intro maker and is COMPLETELY free. To learn more just go on YouTube and look up "how to use blender". It's fast, easy, and free. (p.s. if you want to use it quick...
  13. SeanFace101

    What are ways to increase watch time?

    What are some ways to increase the watch time for my videos?
  14. MenAce

    Hello, Help Needed

    Hello I Really Want To Know Strategies & Tips.
  15. MargaretsJourney

    Help to get started

    Hi guys, I've been reading a LOT of the comments here on YTtalk and I've been searching help on Google for the last 4 months. However, after all this time, I still cannot seem to get any subscribers, as the 6 I do have, are my friends. So: - I keep my videos short, cutting out long silences -...
  16. binky VS bunson

    Does not being monetized effect you in Search?

    I'm not monetized. What's the point when I only have a little over 300 subs is the way I see it. Keep the fans from the hassle of ads is the way I see it, but do you think that impacts me negatively for SEO? I always thought I was so cool cause many people try to monetize right away, but now...
  17. Freshly Finished

    REDDIT & Twitter??? Your thoughts, stategies and techniques

    Hey Everyone, I have recently picked up Reddit and well am trying to get more involved in twitter, however... MY LORD ARE THEY CONFUSING lol. Reddit: The one thing i have found on reddit so far is to title your posts as if you were titling a news paper. Dont ever share a post saying "My New...
  18. O

    How to boost view numbers?

    Hi I am considering creating a blog for my channel in order to make it more visible for the public and hopefully drive some more traffic would this be a good move? :) Does anyone know other methods to boost the activity level on your channel? :)
  19. N8Squared

    Strategies that dont work.

    Hi guys and girls so basically I have had a channel for around 7 months now. Within theses 7 months I have tried all sorts of strategies. The best one I have had so far is posting on a servers forum with my content linked at the bottom. This has gained me a good amount of new people to my...
  20. Game & Sound

    The best time to start making VLOGs

    Hi everyone, I'm still fairly new here but I'm already in need of some advice by you fellow Youtubers. My YT Channel is based around Video Game Music Covers. I've been making them since last year, and I can say I'm fairly satisfied with my work so far as I've almost got3,300 subscribers as of...