should i tell my channel to friends?


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basically i have this channel that i made and it blew up with around 15k within the first few months..
i want to tell my classmates/friends about it but idk bc I'm scared they'll tell other people/leak a face reveal.
i just feel like it would be fun to show off to them and maybe get a little more support to the channel :>
but i really don't know if its worth it like maybe they'll start using me and i cant tell whos real and fake and no don't worry my friends aren't fake this is just me overthinking
i just dk.
Personally, I would not reveal to anyone who are not my close friends/family. And then only if my channel has at least 50K subs. I would not reveal to anyone who does not have more than a superficial relationship with me. :)
It's really up to you. 15k is amazing! Good job! But I would only share with people you really trust if you feel like being able to talk about it with people.
I would say that this decision is up to you! Ask yourself!

How much do you trust these people?
Is this something that I will be okay with doing?
How will this affect our relationship?

if the answers are all positive then you can lean on revealing it, but at the end of the day, you should be proud where you are! (I’m not there yet so I applaud you) If you feel like the time is right then do so!