Hey all! :)
I was just wanted to make a thread on what everyone's goals for 2019 are?

Mine are:

1. Post at least 4 times every week (Or at least 208 in the year).
2. Collab with at least 20 other youtubers.
3. Complete the youtubers creators course.
4. Read 2 books on how to run a business.
5. Create a blog.

I chose not to go with number goals because for my resolutions I want them to be things that I have control over, not things that might happen.

So what are your goals for 2019, let me know? :D
Wow, those are some ambitious goals! Especially the collab goal. But I like the idea, so here are my goals:

1. Maintain my upload schedule (1 vid a week)
2. Edit and upload the backlog of vlog footage I have.
3. Collab with my friends
4. Collab with another Youtuber

I'm moving to Australia in February, so I'll be a long way from home. I really want to keep uploading regularly so my family and friends know what I'm up to.
I also have this massive backlog of footage I never ended up using, like my vacation in Croatia and my trip to Wales. It's such a waste not to show it!
Lastly I love collabing, though I don't have many opportunities for it. I have collabed with my friends before, which was awesome, so I'm hoping to do that again! But it would be really sweet to manage a collab with another Youtuber.
Good luck Jezx. If you ain't got a plan you've planned to fail. My are goals are:
1. put feet up and upload nothing in 2019 until mayb the summer
2. rethink ideas for a new channel/s
3. maybe experiment with other platforms to upload new content to
4. use time more efficiently exploiting trends and/or creation that can be monetised
5. find 2 books and put them in the bin
Those might be some challenging goals Jezx, but if you're up to it I'm sure you'll be very successful. Anyways here are my goals:

1. Upload at least 1 video per week (and staying consistent).
2. Learn everything there is to know about cameras, videography, film making etc...
3. Collab with another YouTuber.
4. Research more on SEO, branding, and audiences.

Best of luck!
1. Release my music book (it's already done, so that's kind of a lame resolution lol)
2. Work on and finish an album before releasing any videos (probably won't get done in a year, but I can hope!)
3. Create and mix a BIG trad tune collab with anyone and everyone who wants to join in. ^^
3. Create and mix a BIG trad tune collab with anyone and everyone who wants to join in. ^^
I wish I was in any way musical so I could have joined in on this! Sadly my singing is off key and just about the only thing I can play on the piano is the simple version of Sleeping Beauty xD

Awesome to see so many people here are looking to collab! Keep the goals coming people :)
Need some help with that? I'm still looking for a guinea pig for my tutoring 1:1 project. ;)
Holy heck yes! I've been wanting to pick up piano more seriously for quite a while! I can't send you a private message on this site yet, since you don't have enough posts. Is there another medium I can contact you through?