new year resolutions

  1. Jezx

    What Are Your Youtube NY Resolutions?

    Hey all! :) I was just wanted to make a thread on what everyone's goals for 2019 are? Mine are: 1. Post at least 4 times every week (Or at least 208 in the year). 2. Collab with at least 20 other youtubers. 3. Complete the youtubers creators course. 4. Read 2 books on how to run a business. 5...
  2. George Hudson

    New Year! (2018)

    Hey Everyone, Happy new year! I hope you all had an amazing night, this is what me and my friends did to celebrate! Enjoy!
  3. Seano1

    NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS! Do they work for you?

    New Year Resolutions people may have...