Constructive Criticism on My Channel


Happy New Year
Hi everyone! I have been a fan of YouTube since 2006 and actually had a channel back in the day until my channel got deleted for copyright movie and music strikes =( YouTube has changed soo much since 2006 LOL.....Anyway I started to make a new channel again back in 2014 and my channel consist of Vlogs, Retro Video Games, Unboxings, cooking and other random short clip videos. I know my channel seems like it's all over the place because I don't have a particular "niche" But I figured it's called YOUTUBE NOT NICHETUBE so I upload kinda whatever I want and I know that might be one reason my channel is not where i think it should be.

I would like everyone to give me honest constructive criticism on my channel... From am I not bubble enough or should I pick 1 niche and just stick with it to whatever else you think I should change that would help me... I can take the criticism ;)

My Channel is called GooberVlogs here is the link My most viewed video has about 100k video views and I Hit 1,000 Subscribers Nov 03, 2019 and that took like 5 years to accomplish and my total views on my channel is for every video is 476,171 views. This YouTube grind sure is tough LOL I know at times I am not consistent at uploading every week on a regular schedule and take breaks sometimes from uploading because of LIFE... I appreciate you all of you if I got some feedback THANK YOU!