I need some help.


Trainee You Tube Extrodinaire.
Hi folks,

I need some advice here, I have a you tube partnership programme, which the channel has been active now for just over a year.
I linked the adsense from my Dazb4t acc to my main google acc, which I have an adsense set up infact it was the only way google would let me do it.

So when I go on Dazb4t you tube account it says that it is linked to an adsense acc which is the only account I can see. But when I go to that adsense acc it say no payments have gone in over the last 30 days.

I have been active on the channel now for 6 weeks, I have only made a pittance but I was wondering why any revenue made would not show???
I appreciate any feedback on this subject.

Thanks if need be I can attach screen shots.
There's a minimum threshold of $100 (or the equivalent in £) before adsense will pay you.
You can see (almost) live earnings from Google.com/adsense instead of waiting for them to be posted on your YouTube analytics page. Go to reports, select 'Hosted Adsense for Content' and it will display earnings, views, and a slew of other useful info.

The only catch is that the numbers are higher than what you'll actually earn, but I've found if you multiply what's shown by .85, it should be very close to what it ends up.
Thanks for that when im going to adsense reports I cannot find hosted adsense for content.
Make sure your viewing the 'classic,' not 'mobile' version of the site. Then click 'Performance Reports' at the top of the page.
Towards the top of the page, there is a 'Filter' bar. Click the '+add' to the right if it, then 'products' from the pop-up menu and you should see it.
Found it oh thank you :)[DOUBLEPOST=1444937860,1444937801][/DOUBLEPOST]Ok now I have found it I can only find jan 2012 data from a blog I have???[DOUBLEPOST=1444937960][/DOUBLEPOST]oh ignore me I clicked on the wrong button :D