1. P

    Not able to access my old YouTube account even though I know the email, username AND password!

    Hi! Back in 2006, I created an account/channel on YouTube. The account was linked to my Gmail account, but created before YouTube was acquired by Google. The channel is still online and has a few videos that were uploaded in 2006 or 2007. I still use the Gmail account, which is now also my...
  2. J

    sign up for google adsense stuck at "in progress"

    i was about to create a google adsense account for my channel. ive passed everything including the 1000 subs and 4000 watch hours. When i click on the monetization tab on the left panel it brings out this 3 steps. ive completed the first step which is the review partner program terms and it...
  3. OndaWire

    Is Google Listening?

    Is @Google listening? Ever since @amazon has been in the news for listening to our conversations, my phone's voice dictation has not been the same. Check out this 2 minute quick video and tell me your thoughts. #tech #news #technews #review
  4. W

    Is there such a thing as a Google Brand Account in existence?

    When I try to create a google brand account, it directs me to a google support page called "Move YouTube channel to Brand Account", and on that page there is written - quote: "If your YouTube channel is connected to your personal Google Account, you can move it to be connected to a new or...
  5. W

    Naming a channel

    I have a name chosen for my YouTube channel which is not my actual name, because I would like to keep my actual name private. The problem I have is that I don't know if I should or shouldn't name the Google profile with my actual name in order to keep it private on YouTube, but still remain...
  6. C

    My 15000 subscribers disappeared some how?

    Hi guys I have a youtube channel about tech more than 15000 subscribers, 3 days ago my 15000 subscribers disappeared, why ?? Can someone give the solution please Thank u
  7. O

    YouTube Music only works correctly with main google account

    In order to access YouTube Music on the computer etc you have to log into your regular google account. Your phone tablet etc won't sync to the desktop version if you start YouTube music from your YouTube channel. This actually makes sense because YouTube Music now offers you to subscribe to an...
  8. Umer

    Meet Up/Gathering Spanish speakers in London? Collab wanted!

    Hey guys - looking for Spanish speakers, preferably female, to collab on my next video to review the Google Translate feature using the new Google Ear Buds. Central London location essential.
  9. The Happy Gamer

    TODAY IS MY 30TH BIRTHDAY! | This Day In History

    Today, August 1st, 2017, is my 30th birthday! I thought it would be cool to get on Google and look at what happened on this day in history!
  10. G

    Need Help With AdSense on YouTube

    Hello, I have recently created a new YouTube account (named GregFromWendys) and signed up for AdSense. I submitted my application and got a "bounce-back" email from Google AdSense. The email basically said that they could not accept my application because I had another account with similar/same...
  11. M

    Why i can't share youtube videos on Google Plus?

    Hey guys, I've little problem that when i create new yt channel and start uploading my first video... i couldn't share anything to Googleplus idk why -_-! * when i upload a video on yt, Google plus share icon doesn't exist, just twitter icon Is available I hope you can help . -.
  12. KingleBricks

    Using Google Trends

    Google Trends is a site used to show what people are searching for most on google at this given time, i like to go on there and look at what is trending and then see if i can base some sort of entertaining/educational content around what people are already searching for. You can search anything...
  13. G

    Why hasn't Youtube blocked Adblock?

    I just got 800.000 views on a youtube video, but I have only earned 50 dollars, because over half of the viewers are using Adblock. So, my question is, why hasn't Youtube blocked Adblock?? Thanks in advance
  14. adams eats

    Videos in multiple play lists, is it OK?

    Just a quick question for those that know youtube and Google better than I do. I've got several recipes that I'd like to put in 2 play lists to make it easier for my viewers. For instance my latest recipe could go in my chicken recipes play list, but would also fit nicely in a winter warmers...
  15. UndergroundSeries

    Google Plus To Youtube

    How do I use google plus to get users to my youtube I am totally new to this google plus thingi haha :)
  16. javacentral

    Trying out Adwords, your experience?

    So I figured, eh I got about 25 extra bucks this month, I'll try out an adwords account. Have you tried Adwords? How'd it go?
  17. Kemono

    The hilarious google feud!

    I make fun of shiz nips, and I laugh at the surprisingly idiotic answers! Enjoy!
  18. SeanFace101

    Monetisation Disabled, but its says i have no Adsense.. Why is this?

    I'm not allowed to enable monetisation on my videos due to it says invalid click, which I must have done many years and wen I was just starting out or something. :P So I cant earn money from my channel (or any channel infact I create as its the same google account)... So.. Can I team up with...
  19. Adeelcool

    Using pictures from google images

    Can I get a copyright strike from using a picture from google images?
  20. SeanFace101

    Does Google Pay Well?

    My channel / account has the monetizing video not allowed so i was wondering how well they actually pay channel owners for the ads they display on their videos? :P Got me wondering how much i could have earned. :P Also, would you say Google pays better than other services that pay you to...
  21. Freshly Finished

    Google+ ????

    Just wondering if anyone else here is as foreign to G+ as i am lol. I keep hearing great success stories about it but have not found any good techniques to going about it. Do any of you have any tips, tricks, or advice when it comes to google plus? Let me (and all the other lost G+ Souls out...
  22. KiKa Do

    ASK, Name App for a video maker?

    Hi friends! I would ask you all, do you know that diapakai application to create moving animations like video Google's example, the Google online safety tips roadshow? I want to learn to make it that way. I need your help
  23. 6

    Video Sharing

    Does anyone know any good video sharing websites
  24. J

    If your channel blew up, would you move to LA or NY?

    Hello Everyone. A lot of the big youtubers these days are in LA, NY, or London for obvious reasons. The Youtube offices are there. If you live in a small town now, and your channel wen't huge, would you be tempted to move to one of these places? To be closer to other creators and what not. Do...
  25. FraYoshi

    YouTube Doodle xD

    did You notice the YouTube icon? There's a doodle as in the google homepage now!!!
  26. WilliamRayWalters

    Google Plus will not die... Now, I haven't checked it out yet, but I'm trying to be optimistic that whatever they're doing with it will not be intrusive or force itself on its users. I'm encouraged to hear that they have drastically changed the look...
  27. Dazb4t

    I need some help.

    Hi folks, I need some advice here, I have a you tube partnership programme, which the channel has been active now for just over a year. I linked the adsense from my Dazb4t acc to my main google acc, which I have an adsense set up infact it was the only way google would let me do it. So when...