Epic Real Estate

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In this video I'm going to walk you through how to invest in real estate in order to build your portfolio fast and retire early. These steps are applicable whether you have $100,000 to invest or any other amount of money. The current real estate market right now, especially with all that's going on in 2020, makes these tips super relevant. HINT: It's probably not what you're thinking... While individual circumstances may of course vary, in general my recommendation is DON'T USE YOUR MONEY! Get your hands on as many properties as you can, using as little of your own money as possible, then use your money to manage and maintain the properties. Just because you have money, it doesn't mean you have to use it to invest. Let me explain... There's 2 phases to your real estate journey: 1) Maximize leverage to build your portfolio 2) Eliminate leverage to sustain what you've built In your building phase, you want to try and responsibly leverage other peoples money (OPM). Why? Well, you can get rich by putting you own money to work, but you get wealthy by using other peoples money! What does "using other peoples money" actually mean? Whose money, exactly? Sources may include: - Banks - Hard money - Private money - Family money - Friends money - Existing financing on property - Seller financing - Credit lines - Credit cards I'd start with using my intellectual currency to minimize the cost of the property and negotiate the terms of the deal. Remember, there are 3 parts of every deal that are negotiable: 1) Terms of sale 2) Terms of loan 3) Terms of the document The better you are at working terms into your deals the less money you'll need. You may still need some money though, so here's what I like to do... Once you've found a good deal turn to the cheapest source of money first. It's always a math equation - don't get hypnotised by deals that seem cheap but end up actually being more expensive. As of right now, the cheapest source of money is through banks, so that's where I'd recommend trying first. If banks aren't an option, the next best alternative is to look to seller financed deals or friends and family financing. Remember, the key to raising money from friends and family isn't to borrow or beg for money, it's to present a business proposition that makes their money work harder for them - after all, who'd turn down 4% returns if they're currently getting less than 1%? Business credit can also be a good source. If you'd like to explore options check out http://epicfastfunding.com/ Don't forget, you can mix and match all of these sources so get creative!