music channel

  1. Adamills

    Feedback on my music channel

    Hey :) Im somewhat new to youtube and I was wondering if I could maybe have some feedback on my videos for my music. Any and all suggestions are welcome! Thank you :)
  2. Joris Bohnson

    Music Promotion Channel - Feedback

    Hi all, I run a promotion channel and would like some feedback on what makes you (as the audience) tick. Can you suggest any improvements to my channel? How do you suggest I can gain a greater audience retention and/ or increase my 'viewerbase'/ subscriber count Thanks.
  3. B

    YouTube Music Channels

    Hello! I own a music channel on youtube with abouth 1050 subscribers! I have got 2 copyright strikes, that means that if i get one more my channel will be terminated. It took quiet a long time to grow my music channel, but i did it to 1000 subs. So how do you handle copyright strikes and how...