Music Looking for other music making channels



I want to find other channels which match our content for potential collaborations, shout outs and other mutual promotion.

My name is Reuben, my channel specialises in making videos for musicians.

I am looking for channels that

- Promote the arts in their community.
- Create their own music
- Work with others in the arts

Visit my channel and see what you think. If you would like to contact me or my colleague Emily, either send a private message on youtube, twitter and facebook or leave a note here and we would love to see what you do. If our channels look compatible in any way, let's talk and see what we can come up with.

Look forward to talking.

Reuben and Emily
Hey Reuben, check out my channel. That might interest you. I do covers and recreate them in different styles. Also I do have my own music too. Let me know what you think! We might ended up doing collaboration in the future. Thanks! checked yours too and great job man!
Okay so my music isnt really that sort of genre (i rap) but pls check me out id be willing to work with you :)