1. V

    Additional Music

    Hello all together, I'm relatively new here at this fantastic forum and wanted to introduce myself: I'm a professional composer from Europe and wanted to ask you if anyone would be interested in having access to an additional music catalog for your next/future visual productions. If so, here...
  2. bis

    Services Big Impact Sound | Experienced Composer wants to score YOUR project

    Hi, I'm 'Big Impact Sound', an experienced composer looking for new interesting projects. For more information, hundreds of ready to use compositions and much more, please go to: Contact me now to provide your next project with a distinctive sound identity!
  3. A

    Other Piano music Channel (Channel link recommendation)

    Hello, Just started a new Piano music Channel for my compositions. Any other youtuber in the music segment so we can mutually recommend our channels to drive viewers ? Piano Composer Youtube Channel
  4. dreikelvin

    Services [For Hire] Robert Jung - Composer and Sound Designer

    I am a freelance composer and sound designer with a studio in the area of Amsterdam, Netherlands. My work is commissioned for TV, Film, Online Productions, Interactive Experiences and Games. The services I offer: + Audio direction and sourcing of content, voice talents and instrumentalists +...
  5. Jon Brooks

    10,000 subscribers and 6 Million views

    Hi guys, I'm delighted to say that my YouTube channel has just hit 10,000 subscribers and 6 million views! Yay! Good luck and best wishes to everyone building their channel and creating content too. Jon Brooks
  6. Thunderbird

    Music Music Composer of various styles ready for any collaboration

    Hi Everyone! I have been composing music for Youtube channels since last year. Don't hesitate to listen to the tracks on Soundcloud/Add me on Instagram. Both links are /musicthunderbird. From Orchestral to Electro, lots of things going on, in here! A few songs of mine have been used by vlog...
  7. Berk Bekar

    Services I Can Compose Music Free

    Hello everyone; I'm from Turkey and I can compose music for your short movies, ads, documentaries etc. free. Well, at least for now :) You can visit to listen to my works. I hope you like them. I personally like making psychological and horror music but you can hear...
  8. Jon Brooks

    5 Million Views

    Hi guys, It's been a while since i last checked in here but I'm back and delighted to announce that my channel has hit 5 Million video views. I've worked hard over the years creating content but it's certainly been worth it. :dance: Exciting times ahead... Best wishes, Jon
  9. Whitesand

    Music Composer Looking For Collabs!

    Hi There, My name is Martynas and I make music. My channel is offering copyright-free content for people to use in their work. I make cinematic, Instrumental, piano, guitar, soundtrack type of tracks that usually fits into Motivational, Inspirational, Emotional type of music. On top of that...
  10. A

    Services Compose music for Youtubers

    Hello, I'm studying music composition and I would love to compose for someone. I find that most youtubers use electronic music but I can compose film-like orchestral soundtracks to set that particular channel apart from the others. It can be either an intro or maybe background music. Hit me up...
  11. C

    Services Music/Voice Over for your Channel!

    Hello there! I'm new to this forum, been doing YouTube for a long time with different channel attempts. I'm offering music for outro/intros or whatever you may need it for. As well as voice over. From I understand, I'm allowed to show links to my work. If not, please don't delete my post, just...
  12. alaicc

    Services The ALAICC label - Professional music for your intros.

    We are a diverse music label full of seasoned producers and composers - if you need music, we can make it. I highly recommend watching the introduction video on our channel, as it explains everything better than plain text, and it also gives you a very good idea about our capabilities. If you...
  13. Rahi Official

    Enjoy the "Seasons"

  14. Rahi Official

    My own song!!

  15. trapezefilm

    Music Looking for other music making channels

    Hey, I want to find other channels which match our content for potential collaborations, shout outs and other mutual promotion. My name is Reuben, my channel specialises in making videos for musicians. I am looking for channels that - Promote the arts in their community. - Create their...
  16. Richi3Musics

    Services [Cheap] Experienced composer for hire

    Need some custom background music? I'm your guy! From heart-wrenching piano pieces. To fun electro pop melodies. I can make a quality backing track that will add more character to your brand. I have recently been working with a lot of indie game devlopers. You can listen to that wheel here...
  17. westonmj92

    Music Composer needed

    Hey guys! I am looking for a composer to be able to create the instrumental for a couple projects or one of the projects. I am currently looking to get the composition of the song Zero to Hero from Hercules. I sang the words but need the instrumental. I am also working with my friend who is...
  18. Jon Brooks

    Views on my video have just exploded! :-)

    Hi guys, I'm super excited to say that the views on one of my videos has just exploded!!! It's a video on my second channel where I upload more random things. Yaaaaay!!! I Love You... Video Message for your loved ones.
  19. Jon Brooks

    Happy Halloween - Haunted House Prank

    Happy Halloween Haunted House Prank. Pay special attention to the woman in the window! Music and Sound Design: Jon Brooks Music "Deeper Realms" © 2005 Jon Brooks Editing: Jon Brooks Motion Backgrounds/Visual Effects: Thanks to TubeTapeAds, CMStudios, IgniteMotion, DDigitalDonkey. Youtube...
  20. Jon Brooks

    Britain's Got Talent - Beach Dancer

    This happy chappy was dancing his jolly way down the beach in Bournemouth, UK. I wondered what music he might be listening to, so I added and synced my own quirky music to suit... Check out his moves! :-) Music by Jon Brooks (© 2015 Jon Brooks) YouTube Channel...