Services Music/Voice Over for your Channel!

Hello there!

I'm new to this forum, been doing YouTube for a long time with different channel attempts. I'm offering music for outro/intros or whatever you may need it for. As well as voice over. From I understand, I'm allowed to show links to my work. If not, please don't delete my post, just let me know and I'll fix it.

Composition demo reel:

Here's my voice demo to get a feel for my voice:

MUSIC - For simple outros and intros with music, it's completely FREE of charge! All I ask for is credit in wherever you use my music, in your description a link to my channel basically. If you feel the want to donate for that, my paypal is HOWEVER, any longer music services, longer than a minute will be $20 per minute of finished audio.

VOICE - Same kind of deal here. I'll just set a flat price though. Again, outros and intros with narration or something, completely FREE. Just credit me, put my channel link in the description etc. Same thing for a character too if it's just a short one-off thing. If the narration dominates the video and takes up most of it or it's a character that does the same, I'll just charge a flat $25. So if you think your project falls into one of these categories, either free or $25, just let me know the details and we can do it on a case-by-base basis.

You can contact me here or more reliably through email at for inquiries. Thanks for your time everyone!