1. V

    Additional Music

    Hello all together, I'm relatively new here at this fantastic forum and wanted to introduce myself: I'm a professional composer from Europe and wanted to ask you if anyone would be interested in having access to an additional music catalog for your next/future visual productions. If so, here...
  2. Nedwin04

    Services Music for your videos

    Hey Everyone, I do sound design and write original music in different styles and genres for all types of visual media. So if you guys need any music or audio just hit me up either on here or by email at: My experience includes a music degree, a composition masters, and...
  3. C

    Services Music/Voice Over for your Channel!

    Hello there! I'm new to this forum, been doing YouTube for a long time with different channel attempts. I'm offering music for outro/intros or whatever you may need it for. As well as voice over. From I understand, I'm allowed to show links to my work. If not, please don't delete my post, just...
  4. fadder8

    The rule of thirds explained

  5. fadder8

    Rule of thirds compositional technique explained

  6. Whitesand

    Services Copyright-free Epic Music for Videos

    Hi there, In my channel I create copyright and royalty, download free content. Why am I doing this? Well I want to improve as an artist so I keep doing it for free, so one day it would turn into a business. I would appreciate if you use my music, to credit me, it would really help my channel to...