voice acting

  1. C

    Voice Acting Bin

    Old post, trying to delete it but this website for some reason doesn't allow that...
  2. ZayTelevision

    Voice Acting Voice for hire!!

    Hello i am looking to collaborate with any fellow youtubers in need of a voice or two. You may contact me on here or my email welbornisaiah@gmail.com. Or better yet my business cell (941) 479-1515
  3. The Red Panda

    Voice Acting Need Voice Actor!!!

    I need one voice actor to play a Black Mother. She will say 2 to 3 lines. Not paid but will get voice credit.
  4. G

    Feedback for proof of concept...

    We have created a proof of concept for a cinematic machinima series known as The Fixers. THE FIXERS follows a group of charismatic rag-tag assassins in an action-packed adventure as they take on some of the dirtiest contracts the city has to offer. However, after angering a seriously dangerous...
  5. J


    hi i'm doing a project on Casting Call Club About Winx club RE-DUBBED there are 24 roles which are available if you want to apply or know more about the project please click the link below or if you have any question please feel free to ask. :D...
  6. GlobalDayz

    Fiverr voiceover original commentary?

    I'm writing scripts for my videos & I've been planning on hiring this award winning voice actor from fiverr to narrate my scripts. Someone told me this would be considered 3rd party content... wouldn't this fall under original commentary though regardless of the fact the narrator isn't the...
  7. L

    Voice Acting Need a voice actor?

    Hey if your looking for a male voice actor for your channel, look no further! Lmao I’m 18 and I’m down to help you out and lend my voice for your videos of you need me. I haven’t been in much so my voice is still very unique. I’m down to narrorate (haven’t done it before) or play a character in...
  8. Dawayne West

    Voice Acting voice actors needed

    Hey all, I'm in need of voice actors to do some voice over work with I am warning you though there is strong language included in this voice over if interested Contact me on twitter Dsparks5898 or on instagram Dsparks5898 Thanks
  9. S

    Voice Acting Need voice actors

    Hello, I am looking for someone who can voice as Sebastian from Black Butler. In the future, I am planning some comic dubs or manga dubs of Black Butler. Let me know if you want to voice as him. I can give out the information and the scripts on what to say.
  10. S

    Voice Acting Looking for voice actresses

    Hi everyone my name is Kasumi and I need two girls to do a voice acting on a comic dub I am working on and i need someone who can do bing chan and opera in this one comic Contact me on twitter Kasumi90 for further details
  11. Willow

    Voice Acting Need someone for voice overs on my history/politics channel

    I'm looking for someone with a good mic and a clear voice for voice overs. I need someone to just read the scripts I write and send me the raw clip. I'll do all the editing, just have a decent mic to record with. I prefer someone who doesn't speak too fast. Pitch and tone of voice doesn't...
  12. memories

    Voice Acting I need a "narrator"

    Hey, peoples, I need someone that want to make voice-overs. I'm doing all the job, like editing audio and video, writing script and looking for clips. I only need a voice. My channel is about crime documentaries. Note: (I am looking for a long time voice actor) My email: hashwylmer@gmail.com...
  13. M. B. Harkins

    Voice Acting Looking for Voice Actors!

    Hiya guys! Back again, looking for voice actors for a couple more projects. One in particular, I want to get to work on ASAP! Please have a good mic! I am looking for multiple different kinds of voices. Check my profile for a link to my site, where the projects are listed. You can also message...
  14. KevyTalks

    Voice Acting Voice Sharing

    Hey guys New to YTTalk, but I figured since I can do a fair few good voices, I may aswell get into the whole YouTube Voice Acting scheme, so yeah. For some reason it's not allowing me to post any links to the file on soundcloud or upload the file itself directly, so if you want an example of my...
  15. Locke

    Voice Acting Male Voice Actor - Seeking Projects.

    Looking to lend my voice out to any projects in need of a deep male voice. Please PM me if you are in need, and we'll go from there. Provide any sample scripts, any Skype or Discord info to contact at. I have my own Studio Mic, (still waiting on noise cancelling wall padding but that's another...
  16. Paranoia_Origins

    How About A Quick "Tu-Toriel?" - Undertale Part 3

    Me: add a good pun into the TITLE of my part 3 to my undertale playthrough video! Everyone Else: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Sans: XD Papyrus: PLEASE NO! Toriel: X'D Frisk: *Reset His Channel? *Yes Everyone ready for some more of my amazing voice acting? Then come on down and watch some Undertale...
  17. TheMBmulti

    Voice Acting Looking for a Voice Actor!

    Hi everyone! I'm TheMBmulti and through this thread I'm trying to find someone that can be the voice for a character in one of my videos. This is my first actual post here, so I have no idea how well this works but here we go! Background information: Two years ago I started a series called...
  18. Mark Stise

    Changing my video style to see if it attract more subscribers

    Changing my video style to see if it attract more subscribers Hello: My channel seems to be growing at a rather slow rate. I figured after 3 years and nearly 250 videos I would be a lot further along then just 500 Subscribers. So I taking a page for one of my friends and I'm going to try...
  19. Hiper115

    Voice Acting Looking For Talented Voice Acting Youtubers

    Do you feel like your hard-worked on projects get no recognition? Youtube is a harsh environment where you either grind for years to get to the top or become the %0.1 that get lucky. I need voice acting Youtubers who want to shine and don't want their amazing videos to be washed up by the...
  20. Toasters

    Voice Acting If anyone needs a voice actor for anything

    Im a a male that is pretty good a voice acting i would say. If anyone needs anything i'll be more glad to help. Paid or not both is fine.
  21. T

    What is the proper technique to a "voice-over" informative video?

    I started Youtube almost 3 years ago and my channel has been built around informative highly analytical gaming guides. At this moment I have 5.1k subscribers and everything seems to come to my way; except the ability to keep viewers engaged and attract new subscribers. Yes I understand that 5k...
  22. Katy Angelia

    Voice Acting VOICE ACTORS NEEDED!!

    Hiyaa! I'm looking for a voice actors for a project of mine, I have multiple projects (Mainly Short Countdowns):help:Mostly of the roles are fairly short and simple. It's very easy only narrations. Check-out my youtube channel to know, what is my channel all about. Email Me if Your Interested...
  23. Katy Angelia


    I am having a Voice Acting channel called Thoughts, If anyone interested to help me out with Voice Acting in Some Videos!! Then, You Can Email Me: tthoughts.inbox@gmail.com (or) Comment!
  24. Justine

    Life is Strange: Before The Storm Made a Mistake

    So if you haven't seen my other videos of Before The Storm, my biggest complaint has been the voice acting. However, in this part of episode two we got to meet the janitor again and holy cow, they ruined his character. Thanks so much for checking out this thread and my video! If you like the...
  25. Recluse

    Voice Acting Need a voice impressionist/actor to collab with!

    Hey everyone! I am an aspiring voice impressionist/actor. You can check out my stuff on my YouTube channel: Recluse25. If there's anyone interested in a collab in this field, hit me up!
  26. AnejKGaming

    Short Film 12 days of Christmas!

    Hello, Me and my Art High School are making a Christmas themed youtube videos. We got an idea that we would post 12 videos because there are 12 days of Christmas. We have all video ideas written down but we are struggling with scripts. We wrote a main story (frame) but we dont know how to turn...
  27. Toasters

    Voice Acting Need Professional Voice Actor for Halloween video

    Hello there everyone, this is a follow up from my earlier post where i posted some unspecific things. Let me clear it up. I need a professional voice actor who's had experience and can do it for free. Requirements: Must be over 16. Must have experience with voice acting. Must have examples of...
  28. Mr. Fox

    Voice Acting VOICE ACTORS NEEDED!!

    Hiyaa! I'm looking for a voice actors for a project of mine, I have multiple projects (Mainly Short Countdowns):help: Mostly of the roles are fairly short and simple. It's very easy only narrations. Check-out my youtube channel to know, what is my channel all about. Email Me if Your Interested...
  29. P

    Pokemon top video ideas

    Hi everyone thanks for coming to this thread/forum, so I am a very small youtuber (50+) subs. Anyways I need some help... So I make pokemon videos (obviously) and I need some video ideas. Top 10 video ideas would be awesome but I can do anything. Thanks for the help :D
  30. comeflywithme2k

    Good mic for voice recording?

    Anyone know of a good microphone brand for voice acting or singing?