voice acting

  1. ProfKranc

    Moving to the City - CITY B*TCH A Rom-Com Comedy Series

    From the amazingly talented TheElonianCass comes: CITY B*TCH! An amazing animated Rom-com in the spirit of “Apartment 23”. Made entirely from the Sims 2 comes with Machinima! I would seriously suggest you give it a watch and this isn't just because I voice one of the characters :) Watch City...
  2. LJay

    Other Machinimist needs Stand-Ins and/or Voice Actors

    (This post DOES NOT just extend to Gamers.) Some quick background on me: I'm deeply into Machinima's, Skits and other Comedic Bits. I currently own one channel I do not share on here publicly as it is just what I call a "practice channel" which doesn't represent all that I want to do on YouTube...
  3. JenPirante

    Voice Acting I'll do voice acting!

    I'm definitely interested in voice acting if anyone needs it. If you would like to see what my voice sounds like, check out my video.
  4. ApexTV

    Voice Acting Who Wants to Narrate Some top 10 Videos?

    Hi everyone, we are currently looking for some talented voices to collaborate with us and create some top 10 videos! Our channel currently has over 1,000 subscribers and over 500,000 views. We already have many written scripts for the video and it would be great if we could get someone to...
  5. D

    Voice Acting 1-Line ''black'' voice

    some people..
  6. Miketastic

    Services Free Male Voice Actor?

    Yo guys, not only I animate on youtube but I also do voice acting on my spare time. If you're looking to voice actor for your next video project, I might suit your needs. Heres my Soundcloud link of some my work: https://soundcloud.com/miketastic-voice/sets/having-fun-while-practice Also he is...