Other Machinimist needs Stand-Ins and/or Voice Actors


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(This post DOES NOT just extend to Gamers.)

Some quick background on me:
I'm deeply into Machinima's, Skits and other Comedic Bits. I currently own one channel I do not share on here publicly as it is just what I call a "practice channel" which doesn't represent all that I want to do on YouTube and only exists to get me into the groove of YouTube. That said, this collaboration is going to be on an entirely new channel of mine which is centered around the aforementioned Skits, Machinima and Comedic Bits which I plan on launching early next year. I write all my own bits, scripts and ideas for videos so what I can offer you is help with writing and recording as well being a guest on your channel/videos if needed/wanted.

What I'm looking for is:

-Voice Actors. If you can do characters, voices and/or impressions.....I want you. I'm specifically looking for people to do voice overs in the same way that Hosts present awards shows and Actors voice over commercials. Character dialogue is also something I am seeking. You do not need to own or be familiar with the Video Games or Bits on my channel. I just need the audio files of your Voice Acting which will be a result of me giving you a script.
-Stand-Ins/Actors. I need Machinima Actors/Stand-Ins for GTA5 and L4D2 on PC and possibly Minecraft and other Multiplayer Games in the future. I do Machinima for other Games but those are all Single-Player. (Most of the requirements below do not pertain to this role. All I need from you in this role is that you own GTA5 on PC, have a Mic and understand and speak English fluently.)

At this point I can't list all the Videos I want to do here. That will have to be at a later time after we've spoken and I've learned more about you. This isn't for just one or two videos either. Think of this as a long term collaboration but it's not constant.

What's NOT required and does NOT matter:
-Sub and View count don't matter to me. It does not matter if you are even a new channel but at least have a channel and have already started to do YouTube.
-Gender and Ethnicity isn't an issue. In fact, the more diverse you are the more you may help. American Accents are preferred but if you can voice act them out that would be great.
-Age. At the very least be born in 99. Otherwise, I hope you are really Mature, Well spoken and Driven.
-Skype. I don't like Skype and the fact people can leak your email/IP address from it so our conversations will have to be limited to PMs on here, YouTube, Steam and/or Twitter. I'd like to hear any suggestions for other websites or services you may have.

What's required, sorta:
-Understand and Speak English fluently.
-Sense of Humor. You are no friend of mine if you don't enjoy poop jokes but I will still accept you if you don't.
-That you work and play well with others. Communication and Teamwork is important to me.
-That you can contribute and improvise Bits and Ideas. Essentially, if you can write and produce as a Creative Conspirator this is a huge plus not a requirement.
-Have GOOD quality audio. This is the most important thing to me.

This has been a really scatter-brained post for me as it's the first time I've written up one like it. So please bare with me if you are still reading. Please ask any questions you may have. If you are interested in this type of collaboration just drop a reply with what you are interested in helping me with. It'd make things go a lot smoother if you also provide some links or demos that showcase the talent I'm asking for at least for the Voice Acting. You don't have to provide me with any other means of contacting you in this thread. Just leave a reply below and I will PM you.

I can get scripts and details of videos to you I have planned hopefully within the first week of communication between us if you drop me a line here. I'll continue to add more details as soon I can come up with them. :confused:

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This sounds like a good idea; I'm interested.
I'm a British female born in '93, but I can do American accents and I have acted before, so maybe that'll come in handy.
And hey, poop jokes are my lifeblood, man.
This sounds like a good idea; I'm interested.
I'm a British female born in '93, but I can do American accents and I have acted before, so maybe that'll come in handy.
And hey, poop jokes are my lifeblood, man.
Thank you very much for the post! I really appreciate that you've read the entire thing. I'll be busy most of the day with watching American Football (I'm a huge NFL fan) but I plan on getting a PM to you either late today or early tomorrow. I already have a part you can fill for me. Thank you again!!! :roflmao2:
I have a job other than YouTube but if I can help I'm interested
I need a dialogue writer
I appreciate you two posting here but can you guys give me more details about what you can help with when it comes to the voice acting and machinima acting? Do you guys do voice acting or have any experience with acting (non-audio) in a Machinima?