voice acting

  1. Livid

    Voice Acting Male/Female Singer Needed

    I need a Male or Female Singer to sing a 3 Min song and Record themselves singing it for a Music Video. (The Music video is not just going to be the person singing) I'll put your channel In My Featured section of my channel, I'll put you in the credits, and I'll put your URL In the description...
  2. Hi!MyNameIsJan

    Comedy Female + Male Voice One-Liner

    Hello ! In the video im working on right now i have about 5-10 sketches (in my typical badly drawn stickman style). Since a lot of characters out of the main characers school will have one-liners (i plan to never include these characters again, so its just one line you have to voice), i need...
  3. Hiper115

    Voice Acting Someone With A Deep Voice Needed!

    Hello, everyone! I'm making an animation and need someone to voice the main character. All I know is that he has a deep voice. if you are interested please talk to me on either skype or email. Skype:Hiper115 email: carljvs1@gmail.com BYE!
  4. Necronomibro


    I just need you to say "* POUNCES ON YOU AND NOTICES YOUR BULGE* OWO WHATS THIS?" sort of slowly and seductively as a meme in my newest video , id like to get it done before Halloween as it is for my Halloween special . This request sounds creepy but I will shout you out at the beginning of the...
  5. SW3T4L

    Voice Acting Need someone to do voice overs.

    hey guys, I need someone to do voice overs for me if you are interested leave a way i can contact you Information *Looking for person with low / deep voice *For Youtube Thx *.* SW3T4L
  6. Hiper115

    Voice Acting Sonic Animation, Voice Actors NEEDED!

    Hello, everyone! I need some voice actors for a sonic animation that I'm doing the characters are: Sonic Shadow and I already have someone for tails but they taking a long time so if your faster I will use yours. if you are interested you must have a good mic and skype. Skype:Hiper115 BYE!
  7. Kyle Hedlund

    Using My Voice...as a Bussiness

    So as your probably heard (or not), I am voice actor that wants to turn my passion for voice over into a living profession. I have this idea of providing a service to YouTube, Advertising Companies and many clients that want my services as a freelance voice actor. I already have a separate...
  8. Christoverse

    My 22 Overwatch Hero Voice Impressions Video, What do you think?

    Hey everyone, I host a channel where I do commentary style gameplay as well as voice impressions, rants and challenges. My latest video is that of me impersonating all 22 heroes + the announcer and a made up character. I'd love your feedback on it, and even my channel in general if you have...
  9. necronomibroyt

    Comedy Voice Actor needed for comedy videos

    check out my latest video to find out what I mean, basically I want to do that but with someone to bounce stuff off of and maybe have a counter argument or back up my own. skype is necronomibro.
  10. Dyslaxsia Animation

    Voice Acting ZELDA ANIMATION

    Need voice actors for both link and Navi for a short animation. Send me a link or an Email with a voice clip. I'm looking for a link like the one from TP, Both cool and funny. Navi is more small and cute but with a atetude
  11. Lethality

    Voice Acting Experienced Voice Actor (Male, 20) looks for project!

    Hey guys'n'gals! I'm Chris, from Germany (GMT+1) and I'm looking for a project to help people with! On my channel you can't see any projects ofc, that's because my Voice Acting Channel is in German (I'd be mental to link it in an English forum) Just hit me up on Twitter: @Lethality112 or on...
  12. PrimeSyndicate

    Voice Acting Voice Actors Needed for Machinima!

    I am going to make this thread very short and quick. Basically, I am in search for both voice and body actors for a machinima series on Minecraft. It is a short parody of the Adult Swim show "Robot Chicken". If interested, please contact me via Skype at: ikryptic_hd...
  13. Factually True

    Looking for fresh eyes (and ears) on a recent video, honest opinions appreciated

    Hey everyone! You all probably know the phenomenon when you're making your videos and spend so much time reeling them back and forth that you become sort of blind regarding them and find it hard to tell whether they're genius stuff or total garbage :laugh2:. I would very much appreciate any...
  14. PrimeSyndicate

    Voice Acting Voice/Body Actors Needed for Minecraft Comedy Series!!!

    Hello everyone! I am calling out to anyone who is a talented, funny voice actor who would be willing to lend me their voice for a Minecraft Comedy Series! Unfortunately, I am unable to give out specific details regarding this project, as I do not want to risk the chance of it getting stolen by...
  15. ApexTV

    Voice Acting At 10K Subs and NEED a Voice Actor

    Hello people of YTTalk! My channel ApexTV is currently at 10,000 subscribers and is in need of a voice actor. Most of our videos consist of only text and we thought it would be good to have a voice narrate the video. If you want to narrate some videos that will be seen by thousands of people and...
  16. JamieandKninaTV

    Voice Acting VERY DEEP & LOW male voice actor available

    Hey guys, let me know if you need a voice actor - I'm a British male with a very deep baritone voice. I can do smooth, radio style, dramatic movie trailer style, accents etc. I also have access to studio quality microphones and recording and editing equipment and software.
  17. Psycho Lucas

    Voice Acting Do you need a voice actor? Well i'm up to the challenge.

    I've never done voice acting before but i am willing to try it. Check out my videos to see some of the commentary i do. I'm a little animated myself but i can play any role you give me. I use audacity to record the audio to my videos. But let me know if you need me.
  18. Jenni Nexus

    Milestones :-)

    Hi friends - just thought I'd chime in with some milestones I'm kinda proud of: Broke 3800 subs on my main channel recently - woo hoo! Broke 200 subs on my fashion-based DIYwithJenni channel Got my audio setup configured to accommodate voice acting.. made a new Playlist: Voice Acting ★ Jenni...
  19. T

    Voice Acting Different accents

    Dear All, for a video project I'm looking for someone doing great different country accents (in English) contact me for more details Thomas K skype khaim17
  20. Beanie Boy

    Voice Acting Looking for VAs for Splatoon Series

    Hi there! I've recently started a series on my Channel called Squidsona, which is basically a parody reality show that follows the antics of different competitors in the Ink Battles of Splatoon. I'd love to use a wide cast of characters for the show, but I only have one voice and I'm not the...
  21. Jayjay1k

    Voice Acting Many accents and voices at YOUR disposal!

    Helloooo! SO! i found an old voice acting profile of mine, and this is a list of accents i can do! (I'd like to collab with someone within the comedy/gamer genre on youtube, and of course be given credit to give my youtube channel more traffic!) (Can do a thing where i can breath in whilst...
  22. Carlyle Dodd Animations

    Animation Need help for animated series

    I am an animator and I like to think I am fairly decent at it. I just never have time to make anything because school and work. I am wanting someone to help me with animating it along with helping write and voice act but mainly animating. I have no definite plan but I do have a few ideas so what...
  23. Jenni Nexus

    Voice Acting Deep Female VA available for collaborations :-)

    Hi friends. I've been building my skills & wearing many hats, especially in the last few years. While I'm a beginner in many areas, I've had a handful of opportunities to voice act in animations & indie games last year, and I'm open to contributing to various projects sometimes, and getting...
  24. D_halfrican

    Voice Acting Anime abridged Channel

    Does anyone wanna join me in making an anime abridged channel all I ask is that you have a good humor and a genuine love of anime Comment below if interested and ur skype and hopefully we can make some funny stuff
  25. Musi Gamer

    Voice Acting Need Voice actors/actresses for upcoming Machinima Project

    Me and my good pal are in the process of making a lovely little machinima and there's a good chance we'll need some extra voices along the way. Me, him, and some other people we know will likely be voicing a majority of the main cast, but there'll definitely be room for more people to help. No...
  26. TierOneProductions

    Gaming Xbox One Halo Machinima actors needed!

    Hey all, Tier One Productions is a Machinima production company with one mission: revive the Machinima community. With the glory days of Machinima behind us, we find it imperative to bring it back into the YouTube community every way we can and we will not stop until this has been...
  27. Z

    Voice Acting Need someone to read a script and record it !

    All I need is a person with a goof quality mic to read out a script which you will be sent if you add me on Skype. Unfortunately no money can be involved here but there will still be a shout out in the description. Skype - ZaxYoutubeChannel
  28. AranoixErik

    Voice Acting Man of many voices

    Hello guys! The name is Erik and I am here to promote myself as a voice actor. As the title of this thread implies, I have a particularily interesting talent of being able to change my voice at will let it be tone, accent, style, color, pitch and emotion. Though i do not have that much...
  29. Billy Cochrane

    Gaming Voice actors and writer wanted for GTA V short movie

    Requirements: GTA V on PC, a good mic and atleast 14yrs old. Looking for 12 voice actors, 2 media researchers and writer/producer atm. Contact me on Skype - halfdeadly for more details and a chance to join the team. Add doctorevil3342 as well
  30. Billy Cochrane

    Voice Acting Voice actors and writer wanted for GTA V short movie

    Requirements: GTA V on PC, a good mic and atleast 14yrs old. Looking for 12 voice actors, 2 media researchers and writer/producer atm. Contact me on Skype - halfdeadly for more details and a chance to join the team. Add doctorevil3342 as well