Voice Acting If anyone needs a voice actor for anything


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Im a a male that is pretty good a voice acting i would say. If anyone needs anything i'll be more glad to help.

Paid or not both is fine.
Hi, dude. I do not know if I'm late for your request. I'm a spanish speaker with a channel about superhero movies and other similar topics. The problem is that my audience speaks English and my voice and pronunciation is horrible. I'm looking for someone with a microphone who can relate my scripts.

I will do all the work, write scripts, edit audio and video, among other things. I just need a voice.

The first thing we will do is a special before Infinity War, recapitulating and analyzing all the previous films. After that the fate of the channel will be debated. You can suggest topics for next projects and if we achieve something we could even talk about money.

If you accept, attach your email and I will send you the first scripts
I create lore videos (among other things) and am looking for someone to read a quote, as if they were the original person giving the quote. I believe the person is a young, intellectual socialite from 1890s New England. If that sounds like something you could do, let me know. The voice doesn't need to match that per se; it's just my assumption based on the quote itself and the publication in which it's found. Obviously, I would link to your YT channel, socials, etc., as well as list you in end-of-video credits. :)