Katy Angelia

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Hiyaa! I'm looking for a voice actors for a project of mine, I have multiple projects (Mainly Short Countdowns):help:Mostly of the roles are fairly short and simple. It's very easy only narrations.
Check-out my youtube channel to know, what is my channel all about.

Email Me if Your Interested: : tthoughts.inbox@gmail.com

Channel - UCT1kiLg6snrAMDDzSk0_9dA
Channel - UCa9i42buVxHQ5kXVR7iORmA
I'll throw my hat into the mix as well if you are still looking for someone to help you out. Lol, if not we should totally collab, we have similarly themed channels :p
I'd be happy to help! Text me on discord, Arabella#4160 or you can post a comment on my Youtube! UCvmDIIE31mlAUHWCLG1RoVQ. I am 16 but trust me I am great at voice acting.
Hey there, I know I'm a little late to the party. But if you need someone British who sounds like me then I'm your guy! Check out my vlogs for an idea of my voice!