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Hi everyone! I'm TheMBmulti and through this thread I'm trying to find someone that can be the voice for a character in one of my videos. This is my first actual post here, so I have no idea how well this works but here we go!

Background information:
Two years ago I started a series called 'Adventures at Site-19', a minecraft roleplay series in which I find myself in the SCP universe (I've done multiple minecraft roleplay series in the past, just used a different universe to put it in). After I finished the first season last year the series exploded on my channel and recieved a small spin-off series until the second season. This series is still ongoing and that's where I would like to find a voice actor for!

The spin-off series (Meet the SCP's) is a series of small videos where I demonstrate the various strange creatures and objects that are beeing contained by the Foundation. I had the idea of adding a reoccuring character to the series besides myself that will also interact with the creatures in the video and myself. Up until now I've voiced all my characters (and even the SCP's) myself. The problem is that I can't really do other voices, especially trying a female voice turned out to be a disaster. That is the reason why I'm trying to find someone to voice the new character in the series. Just to clarify THIS DOES NOT MEAN ONCE YOU APPLY YOU HAVE TO DO THIS EVERY WEEK! I prefer to just make a video together and see where we go from there.

Voice requirements:
I'm not specifically looking for a certain voice (male or female doesn't matter either), just make sure you've got a good microphone and a nice clear voice and you're good to go! :)

If you're interested or have some questions, you can contact me on various ways. Here are the links:
Twitter: @TheMBmulti
Facebook: The MB multi (yes the spaces are required if you want to find me on facebook)

Well that's about everything I believe. As mentioned, contact me for any questions or if you're interested in appying. I hope to hear from you soon, have a good day!