Hey guys!

I am looking for a composer to be able to create the instrumental for a couple projects or one of the projects. I am currently looking to get the composition of the song Zero to Hero from Hercules. I sang the words but need the instrumental.

I am also working with my friend who is an animator and wants to create a project that develops some instrumental for an idea that she has. The music would be similar to Lorde's Everybody Wants to Rule the World, but we need a creative individual to develop the music. If you are interested please email me. We are open to ideas and would love to work on making something cool.

Are you still needing a composer? I'm interested in learning more about your projects. (timeline, budget, links to the project needing music, etc.)

I hold a BA in Music from the University of North Texas. I create many styles of music and I have a network of great musicians to call upon. For a sample of my work and testimonials, please visit my main website ccbeats DOT net. I also have a film/tv/web series portfolio at soundcloud DOT com/carlclarkmusicproductions/sets/film-tv-web-series.

Feel free to contact me at carlclark AT ccbeats.net. I look forward to hearing back from you!

Hello Carl. I think I might have just responded to you already, but I am very interested. I don't want to get you confused, I do not have any budget or funds for these projects. I am doing them for promotional value as of right now. If you are still interested I'd love to further discuss working together on a project. :)
Hey! If you are still looking for someone, I'd be interested! I have been working on many different productions so far, I think we can work something out ;)
Hi Kevin,

Wow I really like your work, so good!! I would love to work on something with you. The animations project kind of fell through but im open to new ideas! I have a couple songs I wrote or if you have something in mind I'm open to suggestions. :)