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I know in the grand scheme of things it's not that much, but it sure is nice!
Please help me reach my next goal of 100, which i hear is the hardest!
Congrats buddy! I know making 100 is hard but believe me you can reach 100 subs in no time. Stay motivated and keep up the good work.
Congrats on the 50 mate! I really enjoyed your Twenty One Pilots Acapella cover! I hope I can say that I reached 50 by the end of august :D
Yay!! Congrats. I'm currently sitting on 47. It feel like forever to get to 50. Lol. I've been daily vlogging for 109 days but I haven't done much marketing. Just sharing it with family and friends on Facebook.
Hey, that's pretty cool! It's only the beginning of your journey. Best of luck moving forward! :)