thank you

  1. enternetevolution

    500 subs and counting! Thank you for all the help!

    500+ subs and counting! Thank you all for the help! I am grateful for the responses and help from all you that have responded to my threads.
  2. Prudent Gaming

    100 Subs and a Custom URL

    I hit 100 subscribers last week and it made me so happy! I just want to entertain, create positivity and make other people happy. Every single comment, view and subscriber means everything to me and I'm so thankful for everyone's support. Also, it meant I was able to get rid of that god awful...
  3. darkstarmedia


    When I first started my YouTube channel, I knew I wanted to hit 1,000 subscribers. That was the only "goal" I ever really set for myself; the rest of my time was dedicated to enjoying myself and sharing my interest in words with the world. Fast-forward almost 3 years - and here we are! I'm...
  4. Suciu Daniel

    100+ Subs!!

    Finally got 100+ subscribers on my channel. Feel so happy!! <3
  5. Arc Flash

    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night special unboxing announcement and 100 subscriber thank you!

    Hey guys! This time I'm doing a special video about Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, a future unboxing announcement of the game, and other cool stuff that you need to check out, including a special thank you to for everyone's support, including here on YTTalk! Hope you enjoy!
  6. Anthony Dufell

    Breaking the Big 500

    So a two weeks ago I crushed 500 subscribers and now I well on my way to 600! I just want to say thank you to TYtalk, Youtube, and both the amazing communities. Without any of this AMAZING support, it would NEVER be possible! I do this to better myself, and also provided world class...
  7. MegaCrasher


    We did it...straight up, WE FREAKING DID IT!!! :D Wow, I am bewildered beyond belief and description!! Thank you all so very very much for this amazing achievement that WE accomplished and allow for the spoils to be shared baby!! :D Now despite my overwhelming amount of excitement in this video...
  8. Tv Head Greg

    Over 1000 views since I made this change

    What is up guys? My name is TV Head Greg and today I want to share with you how I reached 1000 views. I have been posting to Youtube for over a year now and my views haven't been the best. It wasn't until I changed my channel that I got to my 1000 views that I wanted. All I did was post new...
  9. AMX Gaming

    Tattletail | No Mama No

    What's going on guys we are back with Tattletail this time we take on night 4 where we now face mama, along the way we find a friend. we try to play a friendly hide and seek game but with mama around....there's nothing friendly about this game, lol.
  10. GG Nation


    I can't believe that I have made it this far. I just was making videos to make some of my friends laugh and bring a smile to them. I never expected that 100+ people would enjoy the same vids! Just want to a shout out and thank you to all those who have subbed to me even though I know they...
  11. AMX Gaming

    600 plus thank you so much

    not too long ago we passed 600 subscribes, something amazing for a gaming channel, met so many awesome people and it's so motivating when others show us some love, thank you for reading and for the support.
  12. AMX Gaming

    Run For Your Life | Amnesia The Dark Descent

    We get chased by the monster in this amnesia the dark descent gameplay, we are trying to help agrippa out of his chains and we are very close to making the necessary ingridients to take on alexander. Thank You For Watching, Have A Very Nice Day
  13. Valerik

    2000 views a few weeks ago and now 3000 views already!!!

    WOW guys, youtube has been a slow and at times difficult journey, but seeing soo many people able to enjoy my videos that I put soo much effort in, makes me increadibly happy and gives such a boost in confidence to continue in our exploration and journey :D The views are climbing quickly which...
  14. AMX Gaming

    Installation 19

    Installation 19 (demo) In this gameplay we take a look at this game, which has a lot to offer but still needs some fixes and because it's a demo we are limited as far as option, We need to find the documents and get out, but it's a lot easier said than done, darkness and spooky sounds make it...
  15. AMX Gaming

    Latest Gal Gun Gameplay

    In this tuesdays with senpai, we continue with gal gun. In this gameplay we take on 6-2 and find out that we are very close to then end and even closer to helping out our friend that is possessed by a demon, many girls to please in this playthrough, we can't give up on our true love which might...
  16. Daelene's FantasyPlayland

    Challenging three months 0 to 800, THANK YOU!

    Hello everyone. We are new here and we would like to share our achievement doing videos in YouTube for the past 3 months of 2016. Last year October we are at 0 subs and now we are 800 (I think we are still moving up). Thank you very much to those who subbed and believed in us.
  17. ZactheRipper

    LAST WEEKS FEEDBACK FIX Please review channel

    Hello everyone... This is my second week on YouTube and I think im starting to get stuff figured out... My mic quality is still kind of bad but im waiting for my new one to still arrive in the mail... aside from that I tweaked my thumbnails and banner and added some stuff such as intro and...
  18. AMX Gaming

    Recently Passed 400 Subscribers

    As said i recently passed 400 subscribers and i can't thank those that think i'm worthy to stay for more enough for the continued support. i play a lot of horror and requests from viewers thank you for reading and have a nice day AMX Gaming
  19. A

    Recently Hit 500+ Subs - Made a Thank You Video!

    Hi everyone here at Yttalk! I wanted to share that our channel recently passed 500 subscribers. It took a while to get here, and we are so happy to have reached this milestone! I am so thankful to everyone who has taken the time to visit our channel, watch our videos, subscribe to our...
  20. MrPeekay


    Now to some this may to small, to some this may be big... To me this is massive :D I am only a small YouTuber who just uploads gaming videos but to think I have 2,000 views? I just want to thank everyone who has watched me :)
  21. Active Rooster

    100 SUBS, Thank you yttalk!

    Thank you! ALL OF YOU and the supporting community here on yttalk! Hope you all a great future! -Active Rooster
  22. Rev343

    Request Need an outro please...

    Hey, thanks for taking some time to read this.... So here is what I need, an outro that is themed around the pokemon Pumpkaboo. I have been going crazy trying to find a good outro, I also tried making my own and failed.... so yeah, I need you! I have no idea what you would like for payment...
  23. Maarij Bashir

    100 subs part of the LEAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We just hit 100 subscribers part of the LEAGUE! This is incredible!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all so so so so much for watching my videos! I can't thank you enough! Ya'll are amazing!!!! As always take care! :D
  24. JRuncie

    Hello to 20 subs

    I suspect the majority of these have come from fellow YouTubers like you, the individual who took the time to click into this thread. Thank you. No doubt if you read through some of my posts there is a consistent theme that our Vlog was created with our move in mind targeting our friends and...
  25. M. B. Harkins

    500 Subscribers!!! :O

    I randomly gained 55 new subscribers and 24 new comments overnight, and surpassed my 500 subscriber goal, and just wanted to say THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! I am so overwhelmed right now. I definitely have to make a video now to say thank you!!! I have so many different ideas and am so excited to...
  26. JRuncie


    Yesterday was the first video that nearly hit 50 views in one day of being live for us. It also marked a jump from 100 views to 200! We're stoked. Thank you to everyone in this forum who has helped us to date with editing tips, filming, and our channel in general. Keep the advice coming. It...
  27. BubbleJunk

    20 Subs!

    Yay! I'm super happy about mini milestone! My small goal is 100 subs, but this 20 subs has me hyped! Thank you everyone who has helped me with tips and advice!
  28. Scandinavian Freckles

    40 subs in two months !!

    Hey guys !! Today I woke up to a new subscriber which means I have finally reached 40 and am now closer to hitting my goal which is 100 :) !! I want to thank you guys for giving an amazing amount of support and advice !! I feel like being a member of this site has helped me in understanding...
  29. The Cold Abyss

    OH MY GLOB!!!! I GOT 3,000 VIEWS!!! ^_^

    So as the title says you guys and gals, I have recently gotten 3,000! :bounce:Views! Just achieving this milestone is an amazing feat in of it's self. But it wasn't only me and my efforts it was friends, people I don't even know (which is amazing! :D) and people from various sites and places...
  30. Daxterthepro

    Thanks for the 30 Subs!!

    Thanks guys for all the support for my channel!! :)