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The Cold Abyss

Loving YTtalk
So as the title says you guys and gals, I have recently gotten 3,000! :bounce:Views! Just achieving this milestone is an amazing feat in of it's self. But it wasn't only me and my efforts it was friends, people I don't even know (which is amazing! :D) and people from various sites and places like the people here of YTTalk ( P.S. you guys are awesome :thumbsup2:). So I would like to thank you guys and anyone who has every watched my content no matter how long. I am just a person that makes videos the views don't stem much from me but the people who view them and I thank everyone for that! Getting to such a feat is a tribute that anyone can YouTube, I wasn't expecting this to happen at all with school and life just happening it's kind of hard to imagine such a thing like this happening! So once again thanks for taking time to read this and watching my videos! Its greatly appreciated have a good day/night, and good luck! :) :thumbsup2: