50 subscribers

  1. HuonTheHunter

    50+ subs!

    I recently just hit 50 subs, and am now on 56! My next goal is to get 75, then 100, and I believe that i can achieve that before the year is over!!
  2. Firefang


    I'm really excited to have reached 50 subscribers just now, most of that is thanks to this amazing forum. I'm having a great time here and I'm sure it will be like that in the future. If anyone ever needs a hand with something, just let me know, I'm always willing to help :) I like to give back...
  3. P

    Pokemon top video ideas

    Hi everyone thanks for coming to this thread/forum, so I am a very small youtuber (50+) subs. Anyways I need some help... So I make pokemon videos (obviously) and I need some video ideas. Top 10 video ideas would be awesome but I can do anything. Thanks for the help :D
  4. H

    Other Looking for YT's to collab around 45 subs

    I do videos like reacting to other videos , DIY's, rants, hacks, etc. So, if your channel is affiliated somehow with those things contact me. I want you to please check out my channel and see my content the channel name is HijabiProductions. Please contact me if you want to take this opportunity...
  5. H

    Other Looking for small youtubers to collab with around 40 subs

    I do videos like reacting to other videos , DIY's, rants, hacks, etc. So, if your channel is affiliated somehow with those things contact me. I want you to please check out my channel and see my content the channel name is HijabiProductions. If you actually enjoy my content please contact me at...
  6. ProtonRadz

    50 Subs :)

    Super Happy, It's been hard but with little knowledge of Youtube I feel like I'm doing an awesome job!
  7. chrispcgaming

    50 SUBS & 7,500 VIEWS

    The channel is now two months old and its been growing pretty good. Just put up a 50 subscriber special too.
  8. georgia grace


    i just refreshed my youtube page and i saw the 50! literally looking like this right now :bounce: i'm so so so excited to watch my little community grow :) making videos on motivation and mental health has been awesome since i get to hear so many stories from so many people. onto the next...
  9. A

    I finally hit 50 subscribers!

    I finally hit 50 subscribers!!! I actually hit 50 earlier today and I was just waiting for it to show up in my channel's about section. It finally did, but now I'm at 51 instead lol. Anyway, 50 might not be a lot but I've actually worked really hard to get to this point. And it took quite a...
  10. TopSecretR35

    I made 50 subs. Hard work in a month!

    Hi guys! I managed to get 50 subs in a my first month on YouTube. I'm currently on 88, almost at that 100 mark! I'm enjoying the journey thoroughly and am very glad go be on this forum. It's the first forum I've come across that's user friendly and actually helpful! My channel is focussed on...
  11. chillion


    THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR 50 SUBSCRIBERS! It's taken me a while to reach it, and it's been pretty hard but this is a big milestone for me because it means I'm getting somewhere! I hope to get 100 subs by the end of this year, and 50 subs means I'm half way! thank you everyone and thank you in...
  12. Nutella

    I HIT 50 SUBS!!!!!

    I finally hit my first milestone of 50 subs, i cant wait till i make my way towards 100. thank you everyone on the forums for always being there and helping when i needed it the most. :)
  13. Trombinator

    I Just Passed 50 Subs?!?!?

    My mind is currently blown away right now. I have only been making videos for barely a week and I'm already almost that close to 100. It is absolutely insane to see how fast the channel is growing and I can not find the words to express my gratitude to my viewers :3
  14. Rickyduvall

    Made it to 50!!

    I know in the grand scheme of things it's not that much, but it sure is nice! Please help me reach my next goal of 100, which i hear is the hardest!
  15. S

    I Reached fifty Subscribers, in three weeks. I also have two hundred views!

    Fifty subscribers. Does fifty subscribers look or sound like a lot? No not really. It is a lot different when they look up to your videos though. Imagine fifty people that like you, that is how I feel. Thank you everybody who has been there. I have worked hard on my videos and will continue...
  16. DhysPlays

    50 Subscribers Special Video :D

    What's Up Guys? I'm Dhys, You're not and welcome to a brand new video and this time it is my 50 subscriber special video. I just want to thank you guys for 50 subscribers, I really appreciate the support and hope you guys continue to support me. Now lets get to 100 xD Peace
  17. PsySpy Gaming

    50 Subs!

    Heyo everyone! I just wanted to make the announcement that I reached 50 (plus a few) subs via a collab that I did with Sam KIA. It has officially doubled my subs from earlier in the day which was at 27. So I'm super excited to get back up in those numbers. I was a bit discouraged when I lost a...
  18. NerkGames

    50 Subscribers!

    It was only two weeks ago I posted celebrating 20 subs and now I've hit 50! XD I'm so happy I managed to get this far in only three weeks of uploading videos! I read a lot on this community and comment on some things. It has been really informative to interact with this community and I want to...
  19. cadetKei

    50 subs Palooza Extravaganza!

    50 subs and 741 views! Ok, this was actually a pretty big milestone in my eyes, because I didn't think I'd even get past zero. So yea, either wait to see me on the red carpet next or on Leafy's new video, we'll see which one. But honestly, the amount of support and inspiration this site has...
  20. PsychoticStudios

    My first 50 subs! And 700 views!

    WOW:bounce:! I hit 50 subscribers and passed 700 views this morning! Thanks to everyone here who gave me advice and especially those who checked out my channel and even subscribed! Thank you so much!
  21. Jawad Soomro


    I made my Gaming channel on 8th September 2015 and started my upload schedule regularly. Then I decided to upload my videos leaving 2 days gap in between because it was tiresome and I am glad that my channel has reached 50 subscribers finally. Special thanks to @Selim Keles for the kind support...
  22. Kairos Mom

    50 Subscribers!!!

    Hey hey hey YT Talkers :) So proud and excited to announce that I've finally reached over 50 subscribers on my channel!!! I've had my channel for about 3 months now and I seemed to be stuck at 38 subbies for the LONGEST time, because everytime I gained a sub I was losing one. Now I feel like...
  23. Vdawg

    50 Subscribers!!!

    Just reached 50 subscribers and over 600 views! I am absolutely delighted with it!